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Solyndra Continued

The case of bankrupt Solyndra led to congressional hearings to find out what happened with the money. Greencheck followed the company for some years and concluded it was a fake company for reasons described here, so it was meant to fail. Some members of the hearing comitee are aware of the interest that lead to immediate investigation of this bankrupcy and not investigating many other much more lucrative scames run by the carboncredit system…

The members claim ‘we are in a race here’, but the US is not in a race against China, global competition is only possible under the carboncredit system which is losing it’s power in the US. There will be such a need for solar that the US will not have enough production to export imho. An aspect to study would be the price of electricity in states where solar plants are build, and whether these prices are real or manipulated. Texas power is about a third of the price of California power while California is closer to coal resources.

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