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The BBQ on the Powerkeg or how Renewables are Going to Blow!

Our world exists on the cusp of a positive explosion of wealth. Like a powderkeg used to support a BBQ it’s gonna blow, against the trends. The reason is simple : Renewables can build renewables.

Oil wells don’t spring forth oil wells, nor do gas wells or coal mines. Renewable energy sources can produce renewable energy sources. All you need is raw materials and energy, and we have plenty of those.

We’re burning up 

The vision of the future is bright, and considering the fact our sun hands us about 5900 times the energy annually as we have as fossil reseves in total we really should question our willingness to even consider using them. Once you transition you don’t have to ever go back, ever. Modern humanity can settle supported by renewable based renewables, automatically manufactured to replace itself, into perpetuity while restoring our planet for the lifeforms we’re familiar with..

Carbon has devestating competition. Elbow from the sky! 

The battle is between those that believe in economics, a philosophy designed for an imaginary world with infinite resources, and those that believe that we can live prosperously without being a burden on our planet, those that understand the premises of ‘Roboeconomics‘. Scarcity is a choice if you have the help of automated machines that can run entire farms and factories powered by renewables. Scarcity is what our present economic system depends on for it’s existence.

The hydrogen fusion reactor in the sky has infinite patience… But how about you? 

How are we hindered in achieving the vision? The following elements are essential for our detention :

1. A credit based financial system, that depends on fossil fuels to make it’s credit worth something.

2. A banking system that blocks wealth creation except when it is fossil fuel based and debt loaded to ensure it does not become a competitor.

3. Markets owned by banks, so they can ensure nothing enters it that affects their power and prices are favourable to some but not to others.

3. A intellectual property legal framework that allows occupation of trivial ideas and images, thus handing control over the psyche of billions and creating a uniform culture dominated by a few ‘celebrities’.

4. Physical separation of production and demand. Food produced far away, to ensure both the inability to compete locally and the extraction of cash to create demand for credit and force people to ‘work’ for money. 

Weird absence of economic activity 

You never see to much activity in desert areas. While the sun beams down massive amounts of energy there that could spawn all kinds of wealth. Our carboncredit economic system can’t utilize that energy, because it would not be able to control or own the wealth and so it inhibits it’s exploitation. Could Europe produce massive amounts of ammonia fuel (NH3) to power logistics and cars in the Morrocan desert? It could. But who would be dealing HN3 credit? It would have to be the producers! Who would be wealthy like oil sheiks? It would be the owners of the solar thermal NH3 factory (or wind as was done before).

It can be done with private funds in relative secrecy, the creation of self perpetuating renewable powered sources of food, water, solar panels, fuel. Those sources would make massive and continuous profits, force banks to extend credit without gaining any power, the power would remain with those that produced based 100% on renewables.

The final correction would come as the producers would start extending credit themselves. Ultimately this power base would also take a backseat. Most people would be well off, and some rediculously well off. Today due to the scarce nature of the powerbase (fossil fuel), most people are expected to be miserable while some will be very well off.

Of course you, in your insulated home with energy source to ensure comfortable living, would also have something to trade at times. Your renewable addition would be like the farmer’s food brought to the markt, a value to him, not to any bank. This shows how much different the renewable based ‘economy’ is from the present one. To get there we need more renewables, we need to ask for them, demand them and build them where we can. We also need to break down the obstructions mentioned above, most notably the free fossil fuel market. Autonomy of fossil fuel exploration and trade has to stop, because the more energy can be directed to wards renewables, the quicker we can start building them without fossil fuels. As a result the financial sector will become irrelevant. What use is it to create credit if the recipient can’t go out, buy fuel and do whatever they want with it.

To speed up this process we can create extraeconomical zones, and a program to develop them. A good place to start would be the North African Desert, Lybia, Morocco, Tunesia, Egyptor the Arabian peninsula. 

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