UN Climate Security for Environmental Activists

It’s not mentioned often, but the fossil industry has a habit of killing opposition. Entire wars are fought causing millions of deaths just over the resource. Industry in general has no morality, this is clear from examples like sigarets, DDT, the fracking industry. It is certainly clear from logging companies.

“Four Peruvian tribal leaders have been killed on their way to a meeting to discuss ways to stop illegal logging.”

The problem is our world is divided in a part where respect of the law is rewarded by a public prosecutor that will attack a criminal in your name, and a part where government will not do that. Large parts of our planet have no law and order because those that we expect to protect it don’t do it because they are corrupt, or don’t because they are absent or incapaple.

“The loggers have invaded a reserve set aside for uncontacted Indians and built an illegal network of roads to transport the wood, says a statement from CIPIACI, an organisation of South American indigenous people set up to defend uncontacted tribes. ” (S)

Activists in tropical forrests trying to protect their habitat against clearcutting are regularly slaughtered. We hear bout 57 activist killed this year alone. This is because they have no representation, no allies, nobody that is interested in their existence. Especially in poor countries this happens, because in those regions so many people suffer that a few dollars can turn a loser into a killer.

“116 environmental activists killed in 2014”

Knowing this, and knowing that a fait accompli regarding logging (the forrest is gone and sold to us for lawnchairs) will not be reversed, so that only real prevention helps, suggests we need to start protecting activists in lawless countries. We need to ask the UN to organize details of soldiers that will protect environmental activists so they are as strong as their enemies. It is a function of the UN to keep peace and bring justice, and no more justice and peace can be brought than by preventing exploitation, ransacking and theft of natural wealth where it is possible.

Countries like the US will take control of others, like Puerto Rico through their force and money, and no doubt they will open up the country to loggers and protect those loggers like nature has no right to exist. This needs to be balanced by a force for good, one that maximizes life and protects those that want to protect themselves.