Roboeconomics 101

There is a mysterious side to economics. It’s called “the market”. It’s as undefined as “the universe” is to new aged believers. It is assumed that consumer demand will eventually direct cashflow towards producers of the best goods and services. It is assumed this process can afford to be blind to resource reserves, including human […]

Roboeconomics Approach to Ecorestauration

The Roboeconomy is an economy adapted to both robotics and renewables. Today’s economy isn’t because the bankingsystem depends heavily on it’s ability to grant access to fossil fuel (stored energy) when they create credit, and industrial use of robots push people out of a job, as if production is not happening to serve the worker. […]

Economics, Roboeconomics, Extraeconomics

To podcast In Holland our attention is drawn to Paul Mason, a voice of a different kind of economics, different from the classics, different from Piketty (Mason wants young people to revolt). In another news item an economics lecturere mr. Paloni in Glasgow is removed from his job for teaching deviant economics, even ¬†though the […]

Examples of Roboeconomics

Ronoeconomics, the economic framework that we need to adapt to have a future, consists of three parts, namely using robots, restoring the ecology and having a renewbales based economy. Each part is within reach today, and the main hinderance to developing our economy into this new one is the dependence of credit sources, banks, on […]

RoboEconomics, why we need it to fight Climate Change

If you read this you are interested in climate change, in a possible solution. Like us you can see that progress in dealing with emissions is too slow. You can see that even if construction and implementation of renewables was ramped up, growth would not be big enough. Without emergency actions we will not retain […]

MIT’s McAffee’s ontdekking van Roboeconomics, althans bijna..

Wacht even, ik snap het net niet!  Dit blog heeft in het verleden regelmatig over iets geschreven dat we de Robo(eco)nomie hebben genoemd. De kernvraag daarbij was:  "Wat zou er gebeuren als we een machine hadden die alles maakte wat we nodig hadden, en het ding liep op hernieuwbare energie? Zouden we 1. Allemaal werkeloos […]


Optimus and the Roboeconomy

Tesla is developing a bipedal robot that can replace human labour in places where the work is boring and/or dangerous. Amazon has a robot called Digit, but its not been in the news lately, it has strange legs that look alien. Boston Dynamics has developed several robots, more humanoid, but that one is probably waay […]

Become a Roboeconomist

We all know the story of the faxmachine : At first there where no fax machines and people said “Why would I buy a fax machine, I can send nothing to nobody”. But from the few owners the use of faxes grew and soon they where a necessary part of every office. This dynamic has […]

Money versus Vision

We are sleepwalking into an ever more deteriorated situation as we keep giving deference to the fossil fuel companies. They push on, cognizant of their mortality beyond which nothing matters, as they don’t care (apparently) for anyone but themselves. Shell families, often expat, children in an expensive school, father too bussy to see them. This […]

Sustainable Refugee Management

This is an English version even though the video is in Dutch Arabic There’s a video about a Saudi Arabian refugee (originally from Somalia) that’s gone viral: She explains that her family moved to Saudi where her father worked for 20 years. When he was fired he and his family had to leave the country […]