Examples of Roboeconomics

Ronoeconomics, the economic framework that we need to adapt to have a future, consists of three parts, namely using robots, restoring the ecology and having a renewbales based economy. Each part is within reach today, and the main hinderance to developing our economy into this new one is the dependence of credit sources, banks, on […]

RoboEconomics, why we need it to fight Climate Change

If you read this you are interested in climate change, in a possible solution. Like us you can see that progress in dealing with emissions is too slow. You can see that even if construction and implementation of renewables was ramped up, growth would not be big enough. Without emergency actions we will not retain […]

MIT’s McAffee’s ontdekking van Roboeconomics, althans bijna..

Wacht even, ik snap het net niet!  Dit blog heeft in het verleden regelmatig over iets geschreven dat we de Robo(eco)nomie hebben genoemd. De kernvraag daarbij was:  "Wat zou er gebeuren als we een machine hadden die alles maakte wat we nodig hadden, en het ding liep op hernieuwbare energie? Zouden we 1. Allemaal werkeloos […]

Sustainable Refugee Management

This is an English version even though the video is in Dutch Arabic There’s a video about a Saudi Arabian refugee (originally from Somalia) that’s gone viral: She explains that her family moved to Saudi where her father worked for 20 years. When he was fired he and his family had to leave the country […]

The Roboeconomic Challenge

In discussions with people that are working hard to green our economy it is often hard to convey an insight that is fundamental to solving our current climate predicament. We’re on a dangerous course and it seems like we’re on some kind of supertanker, while we’re not. To see that it is necessary to understand […]



The world economy is not compatible with human survival on earth. It has principles and rules that dictate one ignores resources and focusses on the ‘free market’. It is on one sentence “A system that maximizes the utilization of fossil fuels”, for the simple reason that there are people that sell fossil fuels, who want […]

Automation and Economics

  Automation and Economics Click here for the podcast We believe the planet will be saved by automated systems running on renewable energy. A world where that happens would have a so called robo-eco-nomy, and a lot of things we now hold for granted would not exist in that type of economy. The roboeconomy is […]

The Joule, or The Renewable Escape Strategy

The battle between those that want to sell and use fossil fuels and those that want to depart from that diseaster is being violently waged on the world stage. Not only wars over oil, but political movements against ugly wind turbines, climate denial, deregulation of pollution, gaging of fracking victims, the list is endless. Humanity […]

7 Projects

We don’t know how far we can carry our initiatives, we get no financial support. But the cost of a website is low, and this site has about 220.000 unique visitors this month, it should be possible to mobilize some interest or at least inspire some action based on what we present in this post […]

Oppertunistic Eco Restauration

While we babble on about what may be a threat, our ecosystem is devoured by a process that nobody dares or has the power to halt, the warming of our ocean and atmosphere. Whoever steps out of the artificial bubble of denial reduction and surprise projected suggested as the best mental performance by our media […]