Refugees and the Extraeconomy

We are seeing the shocking result of human trafficing in the Mediterranean. Hundreds of men, woman and children drown as they are shipped (sometimes locked up) on rickety boats from Lybia. Italy, being easiest to reach, has the burden of rescuing these people, and the honour of treating them humanely, and letting many of them […]

The Key to a Sensible Basic Income System

A Basic income has been on the lips of a growing number of people. Switzerland recently held a referendum on it, an income of about 2500,- Euro per citizen. Some pundits (not real thinkers) like Guy Standing try to create a new class of people, the Precariat, just another name for ‘the poor’, trying to […]

Negative Renewables Prices and the Extraeconomic Paradigm

We’ll say it first, with good reason : Prices of renewables will go negative soon. This will be a result of two factors: 1. Production cost will go negative, meaning production can happen without returns 2. Governments will adopt a policy of maximum rollout speed, aided by the negative costs. How can cost of anything […]

Defeating the Aware Superhuman AI called Economics

  Listen to the podcast here. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days. Some predict humanity will see superhuman AI by 2020, and people like Elon Musk view it as a major threat to watch out for. Earlier we wrote about AI because most people don’t know what to look for, so most […]

The CCS Paradox

Carbon capture and storage, it is the fossil fuel industry’s answer to demands for emissions reduction. CO2 is caught right at the chimney of a powerplant, compressed and stored in underground caverns. Some imagine a market for CO2, as for instance greenhouses can use CO2 as fertilizer (often gas is burned to generate it). The […]

The Plan

The IPCC has produced rapport after rapport detailing the facts of climate change. Due to the worlds largely carbon based economics leaders have been passive and reluctant to even take the realities on board, helped by a concerted effort detailed by Naomi Oreskes, using the same doubt propaganda used for delaying the response to nuclear […]

Why money is not debt

A piece to explain why extraeconomics is a neccessary thing to escape carbon pollution and climate catastrophy. See Money today is not what it used to be at the start of the fossil fuel era. In the time manual labour was still the dominant factor in production of wealth the amount of money had […]

Het Probleem met Biomassa

Centrales stoken steeds meer biomassa bij omdat dit een groen imago heeft. Biomassa is een verzamelterm voor alles wat van ooit geleefd heeft. Meestal wordt hiermee massa van plantaardige aard bedoelt, maar daaronder valt hout, algen, overproductie zoals bieten, groente afval, etc. Dierlijk materiaal laten we even buiten beschouwing, maar vet brandt goed, dus slachtafval […]

Global War vs Global Standdown

..and the Robo/ExtraEconomy Tensions are rising around the world, between Japan and China, the US, Russia and Europe over Ukraine. Most fights we have seen recently can easily be explained in terms of oil and gas ambitions or dependencies.Everyone with oil or gas should share it with the world according to the US, the world […]