How to be a Roboeconomist

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The Roboeconomy is an economy based 100% on renewable energy and fully automated with use of AI. The current economy differs fundamentally in its dependence on fossil fuel credit, e.g. banks extend credit (in USD or EURO etc.) which would never work to achieve anything if the currency would not buy fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil, and derivatives). Once you recognize this you can call our current economy a fossil credit economy, and you can see that banks do not like renewables when they can be onwed by anyone except them or a ‘market’ they control.

The fundamental insight of a roboeconomists is to see that

Wealth = Energy x Skills x Materials

In other words, I can create something of use to you if I have these elements, so for instance bread and ham and cheese, the motor skills to turn them into a sandwich and the energy (I can’t be starved) to do it. Energy can be manpower, machine power, solar wind or fossil fuels, Skills can be AI, human skills or a mechanism, and materials are raw ore or scrap metal etc. But the formula holds and the energy does not need to be fossil (nor does money play a role). Maximize the parts and you will maximize wealth and thus humanities prosperity.

Renewables can yield 2500 the annual amount of energy the whole of humanity currently uses

A roboeconomists sees the potential of automation to embody this formula and create the wealth humans want and need. The energy can come from wind, solar, wave energy. The usual fossil suspects are ruled out because they effectively reduce the material side of the formula, trees are burning at an alarming rate, and fossil runs out, it is toxic, pollutes and we can’t afford more CO2 in the atmosphere.

Banks don’t like renewables because they will become obsolete if people or their communities own enough renewable energy sources

The positive aspect is that if you take this approach a deprature from fossil is not some kind of return to the gulags but a step ahead into a more prosperous healthier and cleaner world. The economics of Roboeconomics is different though, because you can’t just grab a whole bunch of energy (fossil credit) and suddenly make many ICE engines run and make things happen, for example now you build a school, you buy cement and that monly pays for a ton of fossil fuels used to make the cement, transport it and mix it etc. Or you buy steel reinforcement for concrete and your money buys the coal of the steel mill etc.

Imagine what your Euro or Dollar would be worth if you or anyone you give it to could not buy any fossil fuel with it (or gas electricity)

This steel example can show the effects of the Roboeconomic revolution : Steel mills are going electric. They are cleaning the iron ore out of the coke with electric heat in a closed furnace. They own their own solar plants or wind plants to do it. This means that the steel they produce will be cheaper! It is a heavy material so a lot of the cost are in transportation. If they use electric rail and supply renewables to it, that cost will also drop. The roboeconomists looks to replace fossil energy everywhere with renewables so that cost drop. Banks do not like this (as this process is already underway) and fight it, now with right wing politics and by pushing people into maximal debt (so they don’t go against the right side of politics).

To reach the Roboeconomy we need to prioritize building more Renewable Energy sources as fast as we can especially close to essential industry

So as a Roboeconomists you say “We need more renewables fast, as close to where I live” and “We need to automate what we can but always use electricity or renewables directly”. The more little islands of roboeconomy develop, the weaker the fossil/banking lobby gets and the clearer the advantages can be demonstrated. We need technically skilled people to work this economy especially in light of climate change. We need AI and robots for many tasks, so they need to become cheaper and more people should be able to design, repair and control them. Even though the task is enormous, humanity is 8 billion strong and the Roboeconomy will be forever. So let’s get to it!

We need to do stuff like insulate and plant trees and change the transport system to fight climate change, but we need to do it with renewables so that the domination of fossil fuels and its lobbying power is reduced as early as possible