How To Wind Down the Fossil Fuel Industry

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In life you can come across nice products, like a chair, that look nice and are comfortable to sit on. Then there are chairs you can buy for a lot of money that just blow your mind because they show you what a sitting exprience can actually be. All over the world in companies there are people who just try to get passed the next performance review and those that are simply obsessed with perfecting some aspect of what they do or create. They will tell you things about the pittfalls of the optimization process you never would have guessed. They don’t waste one second contemplating any of your ideas because they have already done so long ago.

The same goes for the process of winding down the activities of the fossil industry. It is a new thing that needs to happen, and you can do it sleepwalking or you can do it right. The reality is that nobody is yet doing it, and nobody understands how to do it. I have seen no paper on how shut down use of fossil fuels on a global scale. Sure you can set a “net zero” target that will reduce consumption of fossil fuels. The dutch energy company Eneco announced it will no longer facilitate natural gas use by 2035 which is quite an amazing step. But of course a lot of societies functions run on fossil fuels, there is gestrategic order based on fossil fuel control, wars fought about it, endless lobbying for it, an entire political side (US republicans and conservatives) that are primary lakeys of the fossil industry.

Having thought about this challenge a lot in the recent decade one of my suggestions was to start by splitting money into three currencies (in Europe for example), the Euro the Auro and the Joule. Simply put (you can read more here) you need the Euro if you want to buy fossil fuels, the Auro if you want to buy labour (human effort) and the Joule if you want to buy renewable energy. This is a method if you can not get all the oil companies under global control. This suggestion will have to get the support of the ECB, national banks which is unlikely. What it would do is isolate the fossil fuel dependent economy, because you need Euro’s only to buy products that are made with the help of fossil fuels. It facilitates the emission of Joules by renewable energy generators (with a very location dependent value) who could sell their energy to central storage (at a discount of the energy loss). The Auro’s can simply be a fixed amount related to the total human work capacity in ‘circulation’. This method would still be very hands off the fossil industry.

If you decide to touch the fossil industry you have a challenge, as we have seen from Shell this week, the company needs to reduce the total emissions it causes by its production and sale of oil and gas according to a court judgement. It has now sold off its Shale Oil operation in Texas also because it has a high methane pollution factor (methane emissions in the US are off the chart due to fracking, methane can cause brain and heart seizures and some fracking wells are venting 100% due to the high cost of logistics). You see that in a free market world for fossil fuels someone else will simply get to the oil and sell it. It is good to see this demonstrated though. What is the expert response? It involves a lot of pieces of the puzzle at once, a lot of cooperation. A global sessasion of full scale war. Many other large changes that can only be decided by those in real power.

All this is happening against a background of growing chaos due to the application of AI and internet, drones, satelites. It seems the chip shortage may be on purpose to not facilitate terrorists needing sophisticated chips to make their bombs. A more down to Earth explanation is that crypto mining and gaming ate all the reserves. China is trying to steal ASML’s cutting edge tech, every time again a lack of cooperation and trust is ruining the order needed to fix things. Everyone wants to fix his/her personal life. Looking beyond it is too hard. The way to fix this seems to be to detach from the global production machine that eats fossil fuels and resources, not through rioting in the street, but by becoming “Easy Antifa” as I coined it.. There really needs to be a doctrine that has many aspects of life that people need to adopt in order to accelerate the growth of renewable energy capacity and reduce the power of banks over our lives.