The Global Climate Fire Sale

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You can be a poor country and not know what is going on or what will happen or not even care at all, that happens. Especially when you have uneducated religious minorities and low technological development, no exported resources that you get money from (your country may be in debt). You can also read (if you care about it) that climate change will make your country a living hell pretty soon. With no means or organization to protect yourself or your people what do you do?

If it is up to the fossil/nuclear goons the world will divide into comfortable air conditioned high-tech elite and an poor, abused and obstructed rest. For some time renewables might give people hope but the fossil credit system will not die and changes may occur so fast nobody can really get advantage. Ironically in a nuclear war scenario the people most likely to surivive are the ones running a nuclear power plant (who can use its electricity to grow food). This all sounds very dark but what do we see today? Promises to reduce emissions but no ability to break away from the banks or the fossil fuel industry.

Honestly, who cares about this land? Most of it is uninhabited and useless (although there is water underneath). Sell it to climate change tech companies. 1% of the land in this picture could already power the entire world!

So I already suggested to divide the world into pieces of land and give them to each of its citizen, or to divide the world and give it to the one that cares the most. Land can be very cheap indeed. The problem is that electricity is not everywhere and Shell is keeping Thin Film solar off the market (in a perpetual promising research limbo). Still it makes no sense to let people unable or unwilling manage land that could be used to save both the people on it and the rest of the planet. A better solution can be decided by the military leaders, which is pretty simple indeed.

Really who cares about bums with kalashnikovs? Why aren’t there remote metal detectors? Just ban large metal objects.

Why not divide the world and sell the parts to the group or people with the best plans and resources. This may be a naive thought because maybe this is the way it already is, but there seems to be a lot of land nobody is interested in where nothing is happening because it is owned by a country that has no means or interest to develop it. Development for climate protection may also look very different from any economic type (which always involves investment of fossil credit and expansion of the use of fossil fuels).

Lush green countries will also dry up. Growing “economic crops” may not be the best thing for them to do at all!

It is a pity the islands like Tuvalu and Vanuatu are in the grip of some bigger authority, either China or Australia, and can no longer be sovereign masters over their territory, because otherwise they’d be a prime example of land owners who sell their land to someone that does want to help them. It is only the anti-social scarcity creating fossil economy that immediately starts to exclude people from land, seldomly the social life promoting renewable powered people, so they would be in good hands. Mark my words, soon you will be able to buy land to fix things, there may even be a website where you can look up places where you can take effective climate action in return for authority. We need thin film solar though, that will make a huge difference!