How to do AntiFa Right (or “Easy Antifa”)

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Antifa or Anti-fascism is a title given to a mixed bag of people, some insane, some sane, that are generally unhappy and distrustfull of government. They show up at protests and some have real rational motivations, others are just excited to do anything and others again are thugs or right wing infiltrants that are supposed to make the movement look bad.

Musolini was both semi criminal, easy to anger and a good writer. He invented fascism as a system by which the people are rendered slaves of anger to be directed where he wanted, serving the industrial agenda.

To deconfuse what anti-fascism is : It is a movement against fascism (haha gotcha!). What is Fascism? Its an invention of Musolini, copied bij Hitler. It primarily consists of the rule of industry over the people. Industry generally does not care about human lives, so in order to gain political momentum it has to make people hate themselves, this is done by making them angry and unhappy and blaming it on some subgroup, you know the story. But to go back to the core, it is when industry calls the shots.

Today the core of fascism in our system lies in its financial system. It works very hard to be inescapable, cash is phased out, your transactions shared with companies. You as a consumer or citizen are not only punished for crimes (which the law does) but also directed and influenced against your needs or interests on a daily basis. Facebook is industry, Amazon is industry, Google is industry. No matter how lofty their ‘values’ are, they look at a financial bottom line, people do not figure in the equation. Even if they say that they tailor the experience to be most attractive to the user, they have no idea when the user becomes addicted or his/her use of the services becomes a problem.

Industrial international corporations dominate for a simple reason, they are big organizations that have programmed our minds well, we have been conditioned to like them and buy their products reliably. Banks like that. They rather finance a company that turns over 1.000.000 cans of soda reliably than two that turn over 600.000 unreliably. The numbers speak for themselves, they also make people greedy because how can numbers change in a positive way? Only by going up! Once people rely on for example Coca Cola sales to feel secure they stop caring if Coca Cola steals fresh water or dumps plastic in our oceans. My mantra is : Industry does not care about your life. The world is full of business models that ran out of control. The fossil industry is an example. And these business models defend themselves, with help of banks or out of fear for them.

Fascism is also the conditioning of people to work wel with industry. So many people at Shell think they landed a dream job, they show exceptional self control to not be thrown out of this mamoth organization with its neatness and expat culture still very much alive and kicking. On the flip side workers are put in perpetual uncertainty so they basically stare into a social abyss most of their low wage job carreer (which can end instantly with some injury or new robot or AI tech being introduced)

So the core problem of fascism is that you are governed by ideas produced from an profit motive which we call economic thinking, which is detached from both the means it uses and its effect on human and physical resources beyond what is can be observed by financial transactions. Even if a Ikea wants to know what you think of the Likerakko (name altered so I’m not sued) inorganic neck support pillow, it is because it wants to be turning over products and see higher financial numbers. If the pillow happens to be stuffed with a toxic sedative and 99% of respondents tell Ikea they sleep much better since they use it (but die of cancer 10 years later), Ikea will make more of them!

From this it follows that Antifa is a much bigger movement, which can be summed up by people who think about what they experience and feel and conclude there is something wrong with the products and institutions they have to choose from, in that it makes them think of suffering, risk to their own lives or others and long term damage as well as unnecessary social isolation and unfair treatment of certain groups of people.

People that never think about such things are not Antifa. There are plenty who will say “these mittens where made by children’s hands in Myanmar Haha!!” and slap another slice of bacon on the grill. People make choices about what they care about. Some never think about anything because all their choices are dictated by their peer group or the media they consume or their financial desperation.

So does it help to be a mob wearing black in a field being confronted by police with water canons? Does it help to be perpetually angry and find new ways the system is screwing you to rage about? The system may be doing that on purpose you know. It is a self defending industrial system with every means to its disposal. Sensation media are just enraging narratives to keep the people from focusing their energy on what will improve their lives. People that have very good lives are not angry every day (except when they are industrial indoctrinators like Rush Limbaugh). In fact the people that ‘escape’ the system are varied probably above average intelligent. It is not hard however to be Antifa at all.

You can not simply say ‘Antifa’ is Democrats or ‘Antifa’ is left wing politics. Industrial interests are represented by politicians of every political color. Some may be raging against deforestation, the murder of forest protection activists, but they will then fly back home where they have a mortgage and give their kids all the trappings of modern industrially created wealth. Like getting rid of fossil fuels is hard when every damn thing runs on it, it is hard to become non industrially governed when the government is clearly 100% pro-fossil fuel industrial economics. But it is possible.

Being Antifa can be a game. The principles are simple :

  1. Own stuff, own land
  2. Buy stuff you need from local sources
  3. Buy products you understand
  4. Cooperate with anyone you can learn to trust
  5. Avoid mass media and don’t get angry over what you read or see or hear
  6. Use as little money as possible, help others save money
  7. Vote for people that want to use renewable energy to create wealth, because ownership of such energy sources is easier to distribute
  8. Learn a skill that is usefull, get in shape.
  9. A tricky one : Go bankrupt. Shed debt and help others shed debt.

Far from being some kind of unhinged rage habit above choices are simple and can be part of a peacefull existence. Still if this agenda is followed by the majority of the country you will see smaller producers thrive, you will have a better chance to monitor any negative consequences. Banks will not have a massive “brand” they can park anywhere, because you have local tastes. You know your fruits (figure of speech), your life is not too complicated. You don’t need industry, you are silently bleeding the life out of it to death and the capacity of local energy sources (and thus the wealth that can be produced locally) grows.

This is antifa done right. The response of industry will be to try to make you love some product that draws you back into a “lifestyle”. You will be shamed and branded poor and fringe and socialist and antisocial. Industry will find people to anger and make them hate you (this is what you can see with the hatred against communism and socialism). So stick together. Form communions and don’t let anyone in that pretends to have big bucks. The fast cash strategy that ravaged Greece and Spain and Portugal in recent decades is losing steam anyway it seems, it is all fossil fuel dependend. That is why adopting renewables is such an important part of “Antifa Done Right”. Try it. Its easy. Call your self an practitioner of ‘Easy’ Antifascism