Environmental Eco-Colonialism

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Colonialism is bad. Any woke person will hate the word and if you have the ambition to develop a developing country with your own money you run the risk of getting nailed to the wall. The associations with resource grabbing and slavery are still strong and real. Yes western companies harvest minerals from Africa through a chain of ever more dire and uncaring organizations. Coltan, diamonds, gold. Its the insecurity in Africa that makes people desperate and greedy, an insecurity that is also created by the West that happily donates weapons.

So we should leave Africa alone even if we are stronger and better organized? This never happens. No place on Earth is safe from well organized well funded companies that see an opportunity. Not even organs are safe, not even the Great Barrier Reef or the Amazon for blunt bank financed opportunism. Banks also fund illegal logging and hunting etc. You can protest the mild, civilized side of colonialism, taking the form of foreigners having servants and way more cash when they work in poor underdeveloped countries. The harsh, mercyless side of colonialism though you can’t stop. Your government sold out to it.

Rory Young was fighting poaching in Burkna Faso

But there is an even more pernicious kind of ‘colonialism’ or rather an invasion and almost contamination. This is by terrorist groups. They are usually just criminal organizations that use islam or some other ideology to justify their violence and immoral behaviour. Groups like Al Qaida are looking for crimes to commit to get money for weapons. Sometimes this is to be able to fight other groups, sometimes it is for.

Al Qaida claims deadly attacks

Al Qaida uses underdeveloped countries to hide. Africa has a lot of them, and they have muslim communities that can spawn new desciples of the extremist kind. Isolation and lack of opportunity and Islamic rules themselves are the main drivers. The anger and frustration are channeld and abused by the leaders. It seems that to protect themselves they will kill both their enemies and whomever is in the way of running their organization.

It may be time to recognize we can’t let these kind of criminal organizations fester in places where you could very effectively fight them. Certainly it is a waste to allow them to decimate the wildlife population so they can buy some bullets and guns to then kill or rob or kidnap innocent citizen. Maybe we should be open about the profit and loss from engaging with developing countries.

Poachers killed

Someone mantioned the Nothern hemisphere attracts money from the Southern Hemisphere, implying that the North is exploiting the South. But that should be considered a mistake. The North is supplying most of the money to the South (USD EUR), and then delivers products to the South in return for the money. True, there are illegal activities that take resources from the South, but those are not the ones that generate legal revenue in the North. It is quite clear that third world aid has been a subsidy to Northern producers for decades (and is now being reduced it seems).

Poacher killed by elephant eten by rhinos

Maybe there should be an ideological basis for cooperation of developing countries with outside investors that try to reduce terrorist activity and poaching. Basic rules so to say, not tax havens etc. Maybe the people are so disorganized that they simply can’t imagine or believe in such a thing. Then the only option seems to be to go in and eco-colonize.

Checking on the location of an attack. It is a war

The use of drones and satelite internet may make it easier to police wildlife sanctuaries. While its undesirable to have drones police us (no need just watch our bank accounts and locations from mobile phones), it does reduce risks to people in remote areas. Drones have been used but in a time they where still quite expensive.