A First Application of Roadbots : Potholes?

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Roadbots will be an integral part of the Roboeconomy.com. What are roadbots? They are road wothy robotic platforms. The current Tesla cars are coming close, although their only function is to transport people, navigate and provide gaming apps. But if you take the base of a Tesla (they are similar for the Model S/3/X/Y) and view it as a platform to put robots or any automatic system on, a world op possibilities opens up. Any service now provide in vans can be offered autonomously. It is only a matter of time before the first applications show up.

The first Roadbot platform

If you can rely on autopilot you can get roadbots anywhere there are roads, and if you heighten the suspension and add remote control you can even go offroad. One great application would be to fix potholes in roads.. The only thing needed is the base frame plus some tar/concrete pooring system. A robot arm that can possibly drill out some asfalt. Another arm that can scoop up the debris. One with inspection cameras or to put the pilons on the road.

Pothole repair robot..

We actually found a piece about a pothole repair robot under development. Others are working with drones..

Another application could be ambulances or emergency evacuation vehicles. How about medical cabins showing up in some disaster zone able to onboard victims, cooling them, sedating them and rushing them to a hospital without having to stop (or catching Corona).

The Spot robot of Boston Dynamics is by far the most agile at the moment. Yet it has no AI, but lookup tables (Cerebellum functionality). How about that arm on a car?

Robots can take all shapes and sizes. Its amazing how long we stick with the below image of a robot. This is probably because designers are minimizing complexity to achieve functionality instead of exploring the complex challenges and finding a way to make an attractive product.

Robots designed by uninspired people

The other end of the spectrum is still reviled (although booming). Silicon sexbots are not real robots yet, even though AI is creaping into the heads. But what is wrong with attractive robots that are not meant for sex? The roboeconomy will not only see functional and really cheap but able robots, but also social bots and ones that do stuff while looking attractive. Male abuse of humanoid robots is likely to become a thing (but that’s another matter).

The Boston Dynamics humanoid robot can navigate uneven terrain autonomously. Soon it will be recreated from cheaper lighter parts and someone will reduce the size of the generator which is now gas powered if we’re correct. The image of a large battery or power unit in the back of a robot may come true.

Boston Dynamics cracked the challenge of predictive control so its robots can self correct while executing programmed movements