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The #Fridayforfuture is slowly waking up from the magic spell they where under, the hypnosis of ego boosting and promising words. Greta led by denouncing the endless “blahblahblah” that the fossil economic lackeys and non-caring older generation leaders think will put the youth to sleep.


But the climate activist community also has to understand what they want, they want change. They are asking for it hoping that those who pretend to manage things with the most moral experience will adjust and correct the error of causing climate damage, hopefully fast. But those in the roles that matter are NOT interested in doing that. They have decided its more important for them to have a decent life with their family than whatever comes after. They have rationalized its useless to try. There is a whole group of hardliners that just doesn’t care what comes after, who even get relief from knowing it will be chaos. Nobody can blame them.

China is shutting down parts of industry, it has done it to reduce air pollution, during the Olympics. You can shut down parts of industry.

The climate movement needs to understand it can not wait for people to do the opposite of what they work every day to do, so an oil company wil NOT stop being an oil company, a polluting chemical company will not stop being that, a lot of people proud of their fireplace, BBQ, big house and flying habits will NOT stop doing all that. Everyone lives in a bubble and only some have are sensitive to reality, most are padded by beliefs that sometimes even can’t be challenged because there’s simply no impulse to test reality.

So what do you do now? The young people will replace the leadership, but it works way better if they grab it instead of trying to earn it. For that they need a movement that is a bit more assertive than the one that shows signs in the street. And because such movement will evoke resistence and smearing etc. its best if its not a public movement. In some countries you will get killed for opposing oil and banking interest (which are very closely intertwined). A movement like Extinction Rebellion has softened because its leaders are vulnerable and want to live normal lives. The power over lives of industry is vast, and they justify it because after all who builds the roads, who provides the food, who arranges the heat and water etc. No invidual action will dink the armour of industry.

Simple rules of Are you in?

The only option if you don’t want blahblahblah is to shut up, become unnoticable and do what you think has to be done together with others. Or you try to get into positions of power with help of others. You basically play the same game as is done on the right, only with a different agenda. The fossil/banking power is concentrated in governments and will resist, but the population is on the side of the climate activists, after all fossil fuel is not the only energy option. People don’t like to be working their ass off (some do, and they are made the example). is a set of rules for reviewing actions of individuals in 2030, and rewarding those people who achieved the most to reduce the danger of climate change. You don’t have to pledge allegiance, you don’t have to name yourself as part of the coalition. You have to show you support its agenda. Its one that can bind all climate activists, because more renewable energy and less CO2 emissions both helps reduce the danger of climate change.

Everyone in the world can help meanwhile, everyone can support someone that faces opposition or even threats for being active, for taking the risk to themselves. A public outcry against carbon pollutors is not necessary, as long as action happens. In 2030 it may be chaos, it may be that there is order and the has been fully embraced. Thin film solar may be rolling of presses and accellerating solar deployment on a massive scale.

what helps is if the climate youth learn about technology, go into tech education. Education that teaches them to actually produce life or robots or installations we need. At the same time they need to figure out how to get in to political positions. At the same time I don’t care what they do, if it is effective it will be noted and rewarded in 2030. Sometimes you have to just open the gate. Keep up the lying, the illusion of SDGs, the failing on purpose (an old trick), the hard fought victory over one square foot of land. Do it. Go for it. Don’t talk about it. Don’t ask for it.