Floating Solar Power Plants

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Main challenges for floating solar power plants can be

  1. Water damage
  2. Corrosion
  3. Algae, dirt accumulation
  4. Making sure the panel remains above water
  5. Making sure the panel doesn’t get blown away
  6. Getting power to shore

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Solar Duck design

“We are targeting megacities and large companies in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South East Asia, and in general markets with high solar radiation in the global Sun Belt,” CEO Koen Burgers told pv magazine.

From the piece : The company will deploy its first real offshore PV plant on the Waal, a major waterway connecting the port of Rotterdam to Germany. SolarDuck will supply four linked platforms fitted with 39 solar panels each. The project will have a total installed capacity of 65 kW and will be connected to a 10 kW electrolyzer operated by Voyex. The project will be built at a cost of €1 million. You can deploy 1 MW of floating solar for €1 million, so the novel construction, electrolyzer and H2 storage and project cost are taking a large piece of this pie, namelijk €900.000.






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Floating solar panels at sea


ABB test installation


Indian floating solar looks cool