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The Global Standdown or How each of us knows what it takes to be a Messiah

The world is about to make a choice, to fight to the death over global resources or abandon weapons and make something of what we have together, using our ingenuity, technology and local renewable resouces. Fighting no longer makes sense, because you fight over oil, and the fighting costs oil, and the loser is the side that first runs out of oil. We now have sources of wealth like solar panels and wind turbines that can breath life in the remotest desert, scarcity is about to be eliminated for good.

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So a last world war to consolidate fossil fuel reserves in light of climate change is the most horrible mistake you could make, because it would decimate the chance of an adequate response to the global warming threat. It would be suicide. We already have oil companies forcing us to do that, but those work by the grace of a military that has a growing awareness of the futility of big wars over the dwindling supply of easily gotten fossil fuels. Refineries are to easy to target, so the wealth has to be shared anyway, and it is not even wealth. Who wants to die or kill for that and suffer the consequences? Only a few, and those few are increasingly exposed.

Humanity is vehemently denying it’s enlightenment, hanging on to slivers of the most basic instincts, waved in it’s face by the media. The key is to accept those instincts, fill them with love instead of guilt, and with that we enable ourselves, like Jezus enabled the poor by telling them God forgave them. Anyone could be a messiah in today’s environment 

We see North Korean soldiers plowing the fields after threatening nuclear war. North Korea, a proxy for China (the Korean war saw the US pitted against China, a conflict that just barely escaped from being full on nuclear). That war never ended. But as the first blow did not come when it was expected one can safely assum the plot for mutual self destruction won’t play the way Kim Jung Un imagined it. China doesn’t want it.

"And [Jacob] shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." (bron

At the same time the US is denying Israel bunker buster bombs that it needs to fight Iran. No use for Israel to start that war now, no quick in and out. The threat is accumulating there and maybe we will see an exodus once Iran announces it has a nuclear weapon. We have suggested the Israelis settle in the North Sahara to build the solar infrastructure that can power the world Desertec style, on a tiny patch of it and bring wealth to themselves and peace to all, because peace comes from abundance.

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