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HitBTC is not letting us acces our crypto. Many others are complaining it is throwing up hurdles to acces. We had 2FA active on our account, and we want it removed. HitBTC is not doing it. This is theft. We read elsewhere that HitBTC is also making it hard to withdraw funds off their platform. This is also theft. People have jumped through hoops and then get no effect of their actions. They have trusted HitBTC with their hard earned coins and they are being unlawfully disowned.

“So you wait the 4 days, and most people will then try to withdraw their funds. 100% of the time, I guarantee, the withdrawal will fail. Even though it’s well within the stated withdrawal limits, HitBTC will fail your withdrawal. They won’t even tell you why. You’ll need to follow up with support.”

I have raised compaints now through our Twitter channel several times. been contacted on our ‘ticket’ by Domingo Herrera but the requirements are rediculous. He is mailing our personal email address with a name identical to my own. I send a passport picture, I send transaction data. There is no will to free my account. There is 10.000 Euro worth of crypto in it. This can’t go on for all the users of this platform. So who are they?

HitBTC is keeping the money of a cancer patient hostage..

Some expert thinks HitBTC is a fraudulent site

HitBTC insolvent

Representative Office

Av Vitacura 2969, 
Las Condes, 
RegiĆ³n Metropolitana, Chile

But they have a mailing address elsewhere (obviously for tax reasons, nobody is there)

Mailing address

Hit Tech Solutions Development Ltd.
Suite 15, Oliaji Trade Centre, Francis Rachel Street,
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Server Location


We think they are in Chile. they must be in some kind of trouble. The think with these exchanges is that crypto increases in value, if you want to leave the exchange you have to find a buyer in real money, then you transfer the money out of the accounts of the exchange. The exchange is not going to buy the crypto off you, that would make it a participant in your speculation. This is why a crypto dollar like the USDT is popular, and why it is important crypto is accepted as payment.

It may be that HitBTC used crypto of its clients to pay bills or do other stuff they felt like doing, and now they can’t really deliver the coins people think are still in their accounts. That would mean they are committing large scale fraud which they try to hide by making people not access their accounts. In one description it is said that 2FA was ‘turned off’ so it didn’t work anymore. If that was an active decision on the part of HitBTC that is obviously an act of theft.

Crypto is money in the EU, and stealing is illegal. Asking for half the administration in order to remove a 2FA authentication safeguard is complete nonsense. The question remains how to recover our funds. We can travel to their offices, they may deny access and maintian they want all the documents they already asked for. The people there might be really nice. They may refer to the Seychelles. It may be best to consult a Chilean lawyer about Chilean law. We will find the most effective action and take it.