Open AI announces the Roboeconomy as it is part of the MakeEverythingMachine

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I am an AI graduate of the year 2000. Computers then where not capable of doing interesting things, although I worked on the prediction of stock prices in the US and even visited Reuters at the World Trade Center. This knowledge however informed me that robots will eventually be able to do everything, including desiging better robots. The combination with renewables creates a world in which technology can exist on the same basis as all life, solar energy, raw materials. Humans are tool users so we will use technology that can run ‘forever’ on solar energy (and other sorts of renewables) to make our lives easier, allow us to enjoy our days under the sun.

Two things need to happen though, the local minium of fossil fuels needs to be escaped hopefully before the damage is unrepairable, which also requires a sizeable renewable capacity, because damage to the coherence of society is the biggest risk, and without energy you can’t stabilize a society or secure it. The other thing is that banks need to let go of their power, because they maximize an suboptimal indicator : cashflow. It is what got us 100 years of progress without any real security from a fossil fuel calamity. The dependency on fossil fuels generates massive amounts of cashflow. Banks clinging on to control are the major reason for the shift to the right in our societies. Banks pay for the measures that cause unrest, banks pay for the media bias to show right wing attitudes, bansk cause all problems because they profit of them!

Now OpenIA researcher Sam Altman puts a number on it. He says :

Artificial Intelligence will generate enough wealth to pay each adult $13,500 a year

Its really not necessary to say 13,500 or any other number. If anything such a number means you are trying to occupy a niche in the existing economy, but that existing economy will 1. go away 2. does not like such niches or it would have created them already.

As the pace of development accelerates, AI “will create phenomenal wealth” but at the same time the price of labor “will fall towards zero,” Altman said. 

The above combined with renewables have been a concept we have written about for more than 10 years now, and its the basis of the Roboeconomy, the question how to deal with it as Altman wonders. The question we asked as a basis for our thinking about the Roboeconomy was this:

If you had a machine that made everything everyone needed, running on renewables (so without cost to anyone, we call it the makeeverythingmachine), would :

Option 1. Everyone be out of a job, not earning any cash and not be able to aford anything the machine made and die from hunger


Option 2. Would everything be free and would people have a basic income to signal their preference for certain products over others (without ever going needy).

The current banking system tells us it has to be option. 1 mainly because they live of of credit and debt, but also because most machines use fossil energy (directly or indirectly) and this energy has owners and those owners want to a share of whatever you make (in the form of payment). It is a share of the produce because no matter what you make, you can never pay them back the oil, coal or gas they gave you, and money is just a means of exchange, not an actual valuable resource.

Altman argues for a shift in the way taxes are payed..

In this future, where wealth will come from companies and land, governments should tax capital, not labor, and those taxes should be distributed to citizens, Altman said.

How about no taxes mr. Altman. Why would a government tax? To pay its bills and public services. Will those bills exist? Not if we do things right. Of course today our government is in debt and pays to private banks. This entanglement is artifical and needs to be ended, as you can read above and as I maintain in this blog, fossil credit debt can =NOT= be repayed. When we replace fossil with renewables we now have to make an effort to keep those energy sources going, we need plants to recycle and create new panels based on renewables.

The cost of that process can be reduced by automation and use of robots, and by paying the labour with renewable energy credit which flows from the sources. This is identical as a farmer working his land for the community but also living off its produce. Renewables make land mean the same thing to machines as it means to people.

Altman proposes to tax big companies with a big societal impact shares to be distributed amongst the citizen. This is every republicans nightmare and there’s a word for it “Socialization”. They hate it because republicans feel they have worked hard for what they have, while they in fact only fought hard for it with other republicans (even when starting and growing a company) in a scarcity context created by banks.

The mistake many will make is to think in the current (fossil credit) economic context. Banks do nothing for our economy, it is just the dependency on fossil fuels of all parties that forces them to part with goods and services for our currencies. This will stop as soon as renewables make everything cheaper and allow production to be local and owned by the consumers. Banks will simply go away, including their insane military support system. That or chaos from a world war caused by an attempt of the economic system to remain relevant.

Paying the shares to the citizen will not do any good, because the fundamental scarcity is not releaved. The shares need to be permanently tied to a citizen’s identity. But this still won’t work because banks will push and pull on companies to drive them further into debt. This is because banks want to ultimately own anything of value in society.

If the money people earn from the shares they own is divident it would mean money would circulate back to the companies, but not all. There could be no fossil fuel companies in the mix because those would absorb the majority of the money. Some companies would earn more than others. It seems to do anything with the current system you’d have to really think it though, all the while fighting accusations of socialism which just won’t fly in the USA. “You won’t take my company” I can see the US flags and marches already.