The Climate Fight United by a Coin

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Money cration is monopolized by private banks, but that is slowely changing. In Europe and the US crypto coins are now usable as a currency just like any other we know. The potential of this situation is not yet fully understood by many, who focus on the speculative value of crypto coins.

But currency, coins have had multiple purposes in history. They have been used to delay true reward, as I-Owe-You’s (this is how the paper dollar came into existence). Another function has been to organize labour where the time at which labour was needed or the effort returned would make it impossible for people to be sure the burden was shared equally. By using a token, coin or currency people knew that although they’d be working for 10 tokens now, they could make others do the same for those tokens later.

The people that have a solid sense of urgency around climate change are not wrong. If you know that our atmosphere is 16 km high, and trees only go up about 30 meters on average, you may wonder how we are going to get the CO2 out of the air about the trees. The answer is : We probably won’t. The trick is to NOT put CO2 into the atmosphere, soon enough it will diffuse out of our reach. We are stuck with instability of jet streams. Snap colds and heat waves. Shell did it. We need to fight it now.

In our way we find the economy, a giant complex network of activity rewarded by money delivered like a constant blood infusion to the system by banks. The money ends up in savings accounts, or gets spend along the production chain, on raw materials, raw labour, and most importantly, fossil fuels. Banks don’t want that system to stop, they live of it. They want us to keep coming back for new money to buy gasoline. They are in cahoots with the fossil energy sector. Economics is their marketing myth.

Lets think outside of this box for a second. Let’s not be caught by the idea the only way to access anything is by paying for it in todays’ Euro’s and Dollars etc. Banks want that to be your reality, after all that gives them more business. Let’s assume we do things differently. We create a climate coin, which has the value of 1 Euro in Europe. And we use that to replace our Euro’s while using those Euro’s to spend on renewable energy sources. We can then buy the energy of those sources with the coin. Because the energy sources deliver about 5-10 times the value invested over their lifetime, the Climatecoin system earns money which it can reinvest in renewable energy sources.

When we look at organic farming and forestry activities we can use the climate coin as a direct reward for time invested by people. This is because there is very little fossil input in planting trees. Set up properly a project to plant a forest can be very low in terms of energy requirements. This is great. The value of the project may never materialize (if we want to sequester CO2). It may materialize, but then the coin will gain value. Easier still would be harvests of low fossil input animal fodder (although we would like to see more vegetarians). Wildlife is a crapshoot in Holland now but one could think of rewildereing areas outside Holland. The coins would simply be backed by the value of all those assets, which of course would be greater than the investment in the coin!

Another way to back the coin would be by uniting behind a plan to make the coin equivalent to the Euro at a certain date, say januari first 2030. All those invested in it will be active in politics to bring about a law that makes the coin 100% valid and guaranteed by Euro’s in 2030. Maybe the early investors will recieve a tax break or bonus. Maybe some other incentive structure can be added. This is up for debate amongst users of the coin. This could mobilize many people to use it, and thus accelerate action against climate change waay faster than the bank controlled and restricted market.

I propose, a climate coin to unite all climate action in the EU and direct funds to projects rated at their energy return value and importance to the transition to renewables. If you want to be part of this project let me know at with title