On Being a Dick

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This title does refer to the writer of this. I am a dick about some things. It is a weakness, because it doesn’t help with communicating ideas. If you try to communicate an idea you generally have a hard time, because you have the idea, but everyone else is thinking about totally different things. So generally your idea needs to be an answer to a question that is being asked. If not then it is either ignored, not heard or misunderstood.

Well, Steve Jobs was a dick..

What then if you think your idea is relevant to increase awareness of the situation so good decisions are made, meaning ones that do not lead to damage (for instance to our climate). Then you may be writing pieces like I do about climate change. There is a 100% guarantee you are distracting people from ideas they have themselves, from visions of the future they have and from their feeling of comfort that everyone can develop in almost any situation if we’re not being actively tortured.

To disturb such tranquility with messages about climate change or global warming you have to hate people, or at least think their little coccoons of comfort are not important, you need to be a dick. You will be considered a dick (or a c&nt if you are female). The truth is you where talking to the wrong crowd, you are using the wrong language and saying the wrong things. This is shown simply by the fact you get a negative response. If you get a negative response, stop! If you don’t hear a question you might as well shut up.

I am a dick in many situations, which is because I have not been spared in the past and because I base my opinions on what I know to be evident and with consideration. I don’t borrow them from others or repeat them. I am not sure if that is because I simply can not remember the opinion of others or that I don’t care about other people or that I too easily come up with my own reasons. It is not the way most people choose what they say, but then again most people don’t look to speak truthfully, most people don’t think about what they say at all. They just want to stay out of ‘harms way’ socially.

A true dick also raises his voice, which happens when the facts in his/her perception are vandalized, stated incorrectly. A great way to anger a dick is by doubting something he/she works very hard on prove true. So if you are calling a dilligent person sloppy or cast aspersions on someone trying hard to help. A dick has no problems doing that him/herself though. It seems the comfort not felt by the dick becomes the standard. That is why it is necessary to feel good and have an organized life if you want to communicate ideas as a non-dick. The risk of that is that you sink into a coccoon of comfort where you no longer care about the truth. The truth is served by discomfortable people.

I would like not to be a dick, and most of the time I am not. However I will not avoid stating facts especially when they are challenged by mythical ideas or lies, fake news, false priests of economics or the fossil industry, or simply commercial interest. It is just a matter of social conscience that those lying or being incorrect matter just as much as those they may harm with their ideas, and as a consequence you might as well expose them to the other reality that they do not believe, ignore or deny its existence of.

How not to be a dick? For a dick that’s not that easy, but judging by the first paragraph the secret lies in evoking questions, not giving answers. This would be my guess. Then if people ask “Do we have enough oil?” at least there is an opportunity to say “no” (if that’s the case) or “yes, but”. “Can we keep on cutting down trees like this?” is a great question. How do you get people to ask it? Maybe the role of a dick comes into its strenght most if he/she states something that evokes the question the answer to which he/she wants people to know. So “We can cut down all trees in the woooooorld!!”. That is a (virtual) event, not a fact, not an accusation.

Maybe I as somewhat of a dick sometimes try to do this more I achieve more. I will.