What is the Roboeconomy?

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Experts are advising to forgo the goal of economic growth to save humanity from the ravages of fossil fuel use. You’ve heard it all before, but have you ever connected the dots? Ravages of fossil fuel use? Why would we tolerate that? Because someone sells it to us. Why do we need to buy it, its found in deep under ground, nobody made it or owns it really. Why don’t we simply distribute it? The answer is we ‘simply’ do and the mechanism by which we do it is called the ‘Economy’. The economy is a system to ‘optimally’ allocate fossil resources.

You can ask “Optimally for whom?”. Good question. Not for you if you means the average non-oil well owner or banker. You may be ignoring those having a hard life in your country, which is a higher percentage than you if you live an easy life (more so in the more economically advanced countries!). The economy is optimizing for one group only : The banks. Because the banks created it and the banks need to remain all powerfull in it to sustain it. There’s only one catch : It only works with fossil fuels. This is why we need to let go of economic goals to save ourselves from the ravages of fossil fuel use.

So is there an alternative. The answer is YES. Its called the Roboeconomy. Many because it uses Robots because it is Ecologically compatible with the existence of life on Earth and because it does strife to maintain an economy, which is simply a structure who’s goal is to use resources optimally but this time to the benefit of mankind.

The main elements of a ‘roboeconomic’ society is that all energy is from renewable sources. This has the effect of distributing productive capacity more widely and reducing the need to produce or source products from places along an important fossil fuel supply chain or in a way so that transactions make banks rich. Do you think we produce in China because it’s cheaper? Nope. Production in China is not cheaper but the coal there is dumped, and the bunker fuel for the container ships is subsidized and banks get damn rich from all the financial traffic.

There is a lot of ‘economic activity’ related to all the steps needed to make something in China for consumption on the US market. What that means is that the benefits of fossil fuels are distributed all along that production and logistic chain and because banks fight so hard against any alternative to fossil fuels, we need to participate in this process in order to live a decent life.

In the Roboeconomy this global network, the reason for a global bankingsystem, will shrink and all but disappear. Instead production will move closer to consumers and closer to renewable energy sources. This will also happen because there is no reason to market widely anymore. If you have a subsidized dirt cheap global logistic system global brands make sense. If you decide to abandon that you have no reason. There is no profit in selling shoes from Africa in Norway, local shoes will be cheaper!

The first key property of the Roboeconomy, to only use renewable energy will on its own bring all the changes we need, by depowering the banking system. Of course the banks will try to own -All- renewable energy sources. They will also try to slow down the growth of RE in now poor sunny countries as well as the shift to electic production systems and logistics. This is also done by making you a follower. This is a fundamental marketing oriented manipulation to the benefit of the economy. If you still like Coca Cola you need to reflect on that, its a sign you are indoctrinated. Instead of worshipping brands your role is to help with the transition.

The second key property is that technology is used to create wealth and to restore the ecology. The latter will be easy once cheap versatile robots drop in prices. We have the Ford and Boston Dynamic robots and Tesla Roadbots so soon we will have autonomous access to every part of the globe. Innovation in motors stalled for nearly 60 years because it was about selling fossil fuels. Now innovation can free itself, mostly with private money, to truely improve the fate of humans. Robots, AI, new types of logistics. Thin film solar panels (a blocked technology that needs to be freed by an Elon type entrepeneur). As it gets hotter on Earth we will find our means to produce an answer will become less and less encumbered by fossil and banking opposition.

The Roboeconmoy is what this blog is about, and renewable technology and other ideas and concepts. I hope you share our ideas. If so let us know on Twitter at @climatebabes