I am terrified of ‘my’ economy. I am petrified by its inertia, its floodgates of fossil credit that are wide open and that are driving constant destruction. When I look in my fridge I see what I need, I am sheltered against rain and wind in my home, I can sleep in peace, I don’t get mugged when I leave my front door. If I get sick there are doctors that can treat me. But at what cost?

Econofobia : Fear of the fossil-credit economy under bank control

The economy promises me opportunities that allow me to earn a living, and for the most part it does that. If there are none (they are hoarded by intermidiaries so hard to say how much there are), I am given a stipend to live off to keep me fit for some opportunity. But the opportunities terrify me. What am I to do, mow grass with a diesel lawnmower? Stuff boxes with plastic bottles? Build a website to sell more lawnchairs out of China?

How do you live in an economy that destroys your future? There is barely anything I can do that does not deteriorate my fate. If I drive my car I ruin the atmosphere, if I eat fish I ruin the oceans, If I surf the internet datacenters will waste a lot of energy, just for my pleasure. Everything is financialized and banks are major funders of polluting and destructive projects, in fact they eagerly drive new ones. Shell is building a plastic factory, entire new cities are planned just to move concrete and make their developers rich. Even if I bake pancakes I fund pesticide companies and big agro. It’s a nightmare and it is next to impossible to escape.

The way out is not that difficult, it is just not financialized, it is not supported by banks. So you can’t get people to cooperate with you as you can’t borrow money to buy their cooperation. Banks constantly keep everyone on their toes so they try to make as much money as possible, as much profit as possible. All very damaging to the point that hope is quickly evaporating.

It seems a starting point to really get out of this rut is to organize and create some kind of trading union of sorts. Of course this is supposed to be with people who do not wish to participate in the dangerous economy as well, so these need to be landowenrs who can offset their cost with produce in a reliable way. People without debt who own their homes. It seems a basic condition is that you do not have financial liabilities or can neutralize them reliably.

Banks will immediately start to fight any substantial attempt to escape their reign. It seems unavoidable that ultimately the only recourse is to actually take land from existing nations in order to be a separate, non-bank encumbered one. We all know that this will be very hard to do. The alternative is to go to a place no bank is interested in. A place without any economic activity, and negotiate some kind of sovereignty there. The in between solution is to go to a region that is poor, but has renewable potential, and just be boring to banks.