The Roboeconomic Landgrab

There is only one way to fight the current addiction to higher numbers in bank accounts over real wealth and security. Even though it is obvious a number in a bank account can be faked, or the precieved value of an asset inflated (so called bubbles), still if you want to live in a city you need cash. How to get out from under this deadly and fatalistic tyranny?

The answer is to own stuff, land, and have costs the land can pay. Even farmers are no longer allowed to produce more value than they need to pay off their debts. It takes so much inputs to farm land (that is after decades of industrial abuse barely able to sustain life) that a farmer really feels lucky to be able to make ends meet. How can that be? A farm is a solar power plant, crops capture solar energy and make it available for human consumption. That is a net profit in real value because well fed humans can produce a lot of wealth. Something has been perverted in this formula:

Wealth = Energy (food) x Skills (human intelligence) x Materials

Clearly farms are constanly pushed by lobbied law and banks to scale up, to buy bigger ‘better’ equipment etc. But do they make more profit? Nope. Does the farmer achieve independence ? Nope, that is Verboten. All the producers and consumers in the economy are supossed to be captured and competing in it. Of course that does not mean banks, because those are always supported even if they lose trillions. Nor does it include energy companies. But everyone else uses both types of company in nearly every economic activity, and not because it’s really necessary, but because society has slowely been changed towards one where that is the case.

If you can own land and produce something you can trade off it to pay for it and it’s taxes and still keep money to buy more land, you are golden. This means you do not need a bank for credit at all and you can no longer be controlled by the banks willingness to give you credit or not. There are a lot of places where this can work today, but writing about how and where really isn’t smart because the general pattern is that if there’s anything on the fringe of the economy that allows people to escape it, banks will do something to plug the ‘leak’.

What is really going on is the need to conquer new land. To become new owners of land, as if there was no owner before. All things are not on the market yet, but eventually banks will want that to be the case, and it will be impossible to ever take land or territory definitively off the market. The least you can do is pay taxes, so short of waging war for land that is the least difficult to achieve goal.