The Fossil Energy Death Cult

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We need to start thinking clearly about what we are dealing with. We may believe we can plead and demonstrate to change something about fossil fuel consumption, but it is a total waste of time. We have had an industry lie, pay people to lie, kill and pretend nothing is wrong for decades now.

Industry knew about climate change in the early 60’s. As the fossil industry always had the brightest minds there is no doubt they knew full well. Later it was even found in internal documents of Exxon and Shell. Activists where payed off, one very famous one in Holland, a member of the ‘Club of Rome’, who softened his attitude towards fossil fuel use in return for a couple of million.

We are dealing with a neat looking group of people that does not care what happens to future generations. A group that knows it is not going to end well. The line of people that knew what was going on runs all the way from the 60’s to today. A prominent member is Ronald Reagan, who weakened a report and said that as there had been a response to acid rain a response to climate change was too much.

We are thus clearly dealing with a death cult. A group of people that has accepted the destruction of our lifestyles to enjoy it now, and not think about tomorrow. This attitude is not posessed by the majority of people, but it is by the minority that also has great ambition to power. The desire to enjoy power and have riches now simply defeats caring about other things, like future generations. Death is a given, why worry about the deaths of people that you don’t know? People die all the time. Also why worry about the consequences of your actions. Take them. Win. Now. This attitude makes it easy to succeed, less complex. It also makes it easier to cooperate.

Sadly there is no way to divide the planet between people that want to preserve it and people that are hooked on riches and power. Because fossil energy multiplies the power of a single man, as does multi media communication, single individuals can drag entire communities into the abyss. Donald Trump is priming the US population for race warfare. Many people have already died because he is alive. He definitely does not care about anything that is not right in his face or makes his reelection unlikely. His luck is that lying is now automated.

We need to let the reality sink in : We are dealing with a death cult. A group of people that want billions of others to die and live in misery. It is starting in dry Africa now, in parched Middle East, in to hot and humid Asia. All that suffering is a willfull consequence of people who knew it would happen but choose their own lifestyle over the lifes of countless others.

It used to be that you got born and if you made it through the first 5 years you had the chance to live a life of toil and suffering. You had to be brave and run risks, fight for your life against others, diseases and animals. So a mentality that did not care about later but focussed on the now is not a strange evolutionary adaption. It is a backward attitude though. It seems that is why the pro-fossil leaders are almost always quite stupid. How to dea l with such people? Silence them. Remove them from power. You don’t want a suicidal pilot fying your plane. You don’t want these leaders to be left to do what they please.