The Duterte Strategy use in the US?

Dark as the title of this post may seem, it is just a result of seeking a rational behind the violence gainst blacks in the US. There are several reasons why that violence happens:

  1. Endemic racist attitudes in the police force
  2. Banks putting blacks into debt
  3. Banks enabling drug trade
  4. Banks enabling gun ownership
  5. Lack of opportunity (no class mobility)
  6. High exposure of cops to criminal blacks

This is a complex problem as always. The problem doesn’t really originate from the people rioting in the streets. However and cops and blacks faced with the current level of tension have few options other than leave the city or die at the hand of a cop.

There is a war going on..

The racist component seems very real, and may be a result of racist whites that want to ‘police’ black crime viewing the police force as a logical place to apply for a carreer. The next question then becomes : How do you behave as a cop to reduce the threat you identify, even if that threat is caused by external factors like banks profiting of debt and drug trade.

Cop : “We’re Shooting African Americans

Less Than We Probably Ought to Be”

The answer is intimidation. We may be missing the reality that cops actually think this way about their work. If they see a lot of black crime, even though it is not the fault of the black community, they may choose to intimidate that community. If they are not helped by a legal system that lets criminals go easily, or the danger is really high (as guns are so widely available), what do you do?

This is a story of an abandoned population, not only the blacks getting ‘executed’ but also the cops. Just like schoolchildren they are abandoned because selling weapons is more profitable than protecting kids or helping the black community out of poverty. In these abandoned communities stuck in the wider context logic can not force a way out. Short of constant open communication with all criminals and a ban on owning a bank account or money by whoever is involved or suspected of a crime.

How do you deal with this situation? Duterte set an example in the Phillipines. He acted like judge, jury and executioner. He managed the assasination of many guilty or innocent individuals that where sometimes only weakly linked to drug activities (also people pointed out by locals who may or may not have been right). He executed and is still doing it, in order to combat drug related activities. We don’t know if he is an actual drug kingpin himself, this may very well be.

Are the cops in the US doing the same? Are they simply executing the Duterte strategy? If you het killed if you’ve done nothing then what if are an obvious criminal?

The problem with crime in the US is that banks profit off it. Even in Holland banks had to pay a small fine because they managed billions of drug transactions for Amsterdam drug traders. If that is the case in the US it is unlikely a real strategy of suppression of drug crime is behind it. Then it becomes more likely it is just racist harrasment, and the police forces attract white racists who want to ‘protect’ the white community.