London will be China’s new Trans-Atlantic Hub?

This thought we had years ago is starting to recur to us these days : The UK is selling itself to China. It also seems to sell itself to the US, but the US seemst o have retracted because it can’t easily get the fracking and meat export expansion it wants. The UK also is liable to lose its northern oil reserves if Scotland splits off..

Boris Johnson offers residence to Hong Kong people

Why would we think that the UK is selling itself to China, that it is punishing itself in service of China. Simple : Old scores. We can all read in the history books that Britain was a complete asshole to China and India, much more so than Holland who left much sooner. The UK addicted the chinese to opium and went up their rivers with gunships when they could not pay for the porcelain in silver, as China requested. Then they grew the opium in Afganistan and this brought a lot of wealth to the island. The story of India is as warped. The people there where forbidden to find salt on the beach, and had to instead buy it from England, in return for Indian wealth. People died of lack of salt until Ghandi arrived and turned the relatively docile population into a force that the brits could no longer ignore.

So if the plan of Britain is to allow its territory to be used by the chinese, this means it can become a transatlantic logistics hub. It happens so that China is driving people out of Hong Kong in its attempt to annex it fully. Boris Johnson welcomes these people, a transmigration of a huge number of people used to work a multi language port. If even 10% would move it would still be 300.000 Hong Kong residents.

Now if you want the UK to be a Chinese satelite, then you’d like it to be outside the EU. Hence the no deal Brexit. You’d completely by pass the european ports when it comes to US logistics. Why not transpacific? Because the oil producers are in the middle of the EU route, and you want to supply the EU, which you can do though EU ports no problem.

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