What Needs To Happen

Measures are taken in response to climate change. A lot of spectators are commenting on what happens without actually adding much effort of use. It is better to work a day and use your pay to buy solar panels than to spend it demonstrating for action. Silent action is very hard to oppose. Action where nobody is looking or wants to be is also very hard to oppose.

Below however are a number of things that we all need to work on in the next decades. We need not spend time trying to draw attention to the problem if we just work on these things to improve the outcome.

We need to

  • Preserve water, build storage for it, collect it
  • Cover our streets to shield against the heat
  • Cover our farmland to shield against the sun
  • Build more renewable energy sources and storage
  • Plant trees wherever they will grow
  • Start utilizing solar heat for heating and cooling
  • Work on shading the planet as a whole, from space
  • Work on shading the oceans, or parts of them
  • Work on fertilizing the oceans
  • Learn to farm and thive in the hottest desert
  • Build electric planes, trucks, boats and cars.
  • Break the Reverse Osmosis monopoly
  • Break the patent lock on usefull technology
  • Start making everything we need within 100 km from where we live
  • Shape landscape so more rain sinks into the ground
  • Become electable as a climate active civil servant
  • Bleed the tabloid press to death if we can
  • Separate the sustainable economy from the fossil based economy
  • More natural resources need to be generated than we consume
  • CO2 needs to be converted back into carbon or hydrocarbons and stored