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Lybian Oils Spigot Means US Dollar Regains Strength

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One would say the US is a small winner of rebel control over Lybian oil. But oil is traded in dollars, so this renewed oil trade will mean an increased demand for petrodollars and related fees for banks. And of course the US will be able to use that money to get oil cheaper. This will prolong the capture carbon/credit system.

No change strategy

Will efforts be made to carbon secure our food supply? Nope. The energy risks must remain, they are the reason fossiel fuels keep thier reign. If the alternative to oil was not collapse, there would be no reason to keep poisoning our planet. For this reason we are guaranteed to endure collapse at some point, and for this reason governments or the people need to step in and take control. But the majority does not get their money is only a way to distrbute the oil, without value in and of itself. The resulting respect for cash is the most gratuitous way to control the masses ever invented. Sortages of cash mask shortages of carbon based fuels.  

Depletion Horizon

What if we where allowed to see the real problem, energy shortages (and global redistribution)? We would know that the shortage would increase (partially slowed by sporadic new finds and the transition to gas), we would be told to ration and save much more starkly, because we would have a depletion horizon. If there was no such thing, if there was no future shortage or dropoff of oil production, why would Exxon make the below graph? But if there is, and the scramble is on for the last reserves, then what when those run out. What to transition with then? No answer, and the banks are makeing sure you think it’s cash shortages that tank your economy.


It is important to see this quandry is completely unnecessary. We can replace fossil energy with renewable, but we need to reserve fossil resources, not squander them to keep our banks and oil companies happy. Roboeconomics tells us that with abundant renewable sources we will not need to pollute, we will not need to trade oil or buy dollars, we will not need to work to keep the competition in society going (that’s a bankers invention, people want to cooperate). We will not need to raze the rainforest and grow grow grow all the time (this is so new loans provide liquidity in society as the banks and energy companies lock money up in ‘investments’). All the problems of our current economics and ecology would be healed and fixed. Not for some kind of ideology, but because machines do work, and machines powered by renewables can do endless work. They can be endlessly productive and create endless wealth. Like a damn oil well, but endless. 

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