The Roboeconomy

We have written about the Roboeconomy, this is the economy that aknowledges automation and robotics as a means of producing our wealth, but does not want humans to keep competing with those machines. This is achieved by making the machines run on renewables, so that humans and they do not compete for the same fossil fuels, but each has their own energy sources that are not on the market.

This type of economy is not compatible with the current economy because the current economy tries to maximize bank cashflow by expanding the use of fossil fuels and creating markets for everything. More trade means more cashflow and more dependence on bank credit. Fossil fuels have had a major role in establishing the power of banks we see today, fossil fuels are stored energy and they can and have been made available to people through credit, and every money transaction we make shifts the access to fossil fuels to the producers of wealth (if they use fossil fuels).

Its extremely hard to get away from the fossil fuel economy because we are so indoctrinated to respect banks and see them as allies in our quest for wealth. In fact they are a major obstacle, they need our dependence on them and to that end they drive up the price of anything we are interested in. Flying is a exception because flying generates cashflow in the destintation and drives greed there, so people with money are encouraged to spend it on holidays, not on anything that reduces the power of banks.

How to reduce the power of banks? The best way to do that is to build renewable energy sources without going into debt. If you do go into debt to realize say a solar farm, you are pricing the debt into the solar energy you produce, and that causes the price to reach for the fossil based energy price, and thus you undo any advantage to wealth creation due to using renewables. Banks always force you to increase the price to the ‘market price’ (one they usually control through fake trading on exchanges).

The way to reduce that power is to build renewable energy sources and use them for wealth creation without going into debt. Alternatively you could realize that solar farm by selling ownership to individuals, not investors or investment banks. You then repay in energy (kWh). The same goes for machines that make stuff. As a town you could own your own bread factory (even though bread is not a healthy food) or farm with electric equipment. You could provide for your own community from local sources. Banks will not support that, because such local economies do not need credit and do not participate in the market. To prevent those kinds of economies from developing banks and other big agro companies try to restric local farming, trading, credit creation etc. and they force the price of food down so it out ‘competes’ the local or biological or organic farming produce (at a cost to the amazon and the environment).

We have to get to the Roboeconomy though, and this is a war of attrition. While our food security is collapsing we need to untie ourselves from the market matrix that becomes increasingly unreliable. We need to own the land (that has been priced up by banks so we need them for mortgages) and the real estate (that has been priced up by banks so we need mortgages). we need to come together and find the cash to do these things. Banks at the same time try to lower our income to the level where we can exist but not develop any initiative. They also lobby for rules that make anything we do without them hard.

It seems the western world is sinking in a sea of dispair due to financialization. The pest of bankers that are involved in anything and everything. Why is a house 500.000 Euro that was 40.000 Euro 20 years ago? What value does it bring to the owner? Is it like a machine in a factory that increases productivity 4% yielding 100.000 Euro extra on an annual basis so it can be written of in 5 years? No it is a money sink that banks created so you can’t do anything to free yourself from their grip. Working with this economy is like fighting with other fish to swim deeper into a net. The ones deepest are often helped to drive the others crazy “the good stuff will happen to you when you are rich!”. Its a simple marketing trick.

Eroding the need for credit by building renewable energy sources is the best way to forge ahead to a society where needs are taken care of, houses are owned, people can rely on their jobs and machines are not our enemy. Less bank power will allow politics to propose laws that make machines serve the entire community, not just the competing producer. Producers will compete over quality, not cashflow and turnover. Life will be so much easier. The lazy bankers will have to find something to do that is less leechy though.

When we can use all inventions and common sense because there is no more pressure to create fossil cashflow for banks, we can create renewables that generate much more energy than fossil does now, 2500 times more. We will have so much solar and wind that we can cool our farms to grow crops, we can oxygenize the oceans, we can grow biomass to capture CO2 and store that Carbon back into our Earth, all using machines, robots, AI and techniques like low pressure desalination that is no pushed out of sight by the high pressure and cost reverse osmosis lobby. Banks and their economic philophy that assumes infinite resources and drives people to behave like locusts needs to go. Now you know how.