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The Idiolarity

Some may have learned about the singularity, the point at which computers become so intelligent they will be able to take over and grow in power out of our control. It is near some say, as a doomoptimistic prophecy we frankly think is bogus. The evangelist of this line of thinking never considered what AI really has to be, but that’s another post.

Rather than distracting us with the threat of machine intelligence, maybe we should be more concerned with growing human ignorance. If we allow leaders, even in the highly educated West, to empower the lowest instincts in our society, we will see what we are seeing now, a rise in populism.

Those who don’t earn that much, have to work hard and live in socially challenged neigborhoods are extra vulnerable for the wash of slick media, on radio, television, internet. Those media are commecial and seem to be always serving an agenda, now mainly the republican, neocon agenda.

We see McCain lamenting the hacking of Hillary’s emails, as if he is a democrat. No he wants war to start now. We are not seeming Trump bungle, he is surrounded by ex military who all seem to want war. How do you get war? By being extremely stupid. We are not talking resource wars as far as I can see, so any fight other than for resources is stupid. To start them you need a stupid population, or a distracted one.

Those that want power can do two things : Outperform everyone else, or weaken everyone else

The risk of creating a stupid population, something that the right has tried to make true for decades now by undermining the education system, only viewing it as a possible place to sink lucrative credit into, is the loss of communication. You can take a highly educated person on a walk through an imaginary world, one that you suggest would be better for them, one without fossil fuels, for instance. You can’t do that with poorly educated people. They won’t see it. They are mired in all kind of trouble. They don’t make it far into businesses (except simple ones) because they are poor decision makers.

While the banks and fossil companies still do the best they can to increase stress on society, if not where you live in many other places, the people become more and more restless. They are protesting in Poland, Venezuela, India. They are suffering in Alleppo, Turkey, etc. To create opportunity for people with money the first step is to make sure your potential victims don’t have any. But a human being can’t create money, so where does that stress go? Not into repurposing resources, because you need to buy those first, with a loan from a bank. If you are poor you are stuck in an economic straightjacket and you can only escape through the kindness that has just been tortured out of you, or through ‘crime’.

Telling these frustrated people, as Trump does with blacks in the US, ‘what do you have to lose’, is giving them a license to put order at risk. The only reason why this isn’t happening is that even these burdened, badly educated people have descency, most if not all of them. The idea that poor people are not decent is as dumb as the idea that rich people are. They just don’t look it perhaps. But some of these poor uneducacted will simply feel empowered. They will be given the role of policing this new order, dictated by slogans not goals like freedom, peace and democracy. They want to feel their own actions with strength. Be strong, how can you be strong if you doubt yourself. Say this slogan, you will sound powerfull. “Pay for the wall!”

So you will find that society reorganizes along new lines. The most intimidating or mean advocates of the slogans du jour shut up anybody and build their profile by terrorizing anyone that seems the weakest. Typical bullying behaviour for idiots stuck in that phase of their lives. This agitation reduces the ability of people to think clearly, in turn forcing them to be either with or agianst the new order. This is a process we have seen in world history over and over again. Lists with ‘dissidents’ you can score points with. The heart of the organization being a mental desert scorched by wielded hatred.

The downwards spiral of antisocial psychology is clearly driven by the media, and is an illusion to which solutions are numerous. 

Its only funny as long as you can rewind. But you lose the abiity to rewind after a while. Pleas sound weak, reason is to rational, to elitist. You can’t be tough about lettng go of your anger. You target muslims, you where strong about it, you have to follow through or seem weak and become a target yourself. Even if you have a thought process like this you will not be able to stop the idiots who don’t realize they are chanting lies, nonsense and courting selfdestruction.

Meanwhile who thinks a society like ours, so highly tuned and financialized, so dependent on fuel trucked in (with a 5 day buffer usually), run by computers and experts can even sustain a temporary parlysis of the mind. Are those not the elite, the people that are supressing the poor? Those Wall Street rats will burn, and then the do, and then where will the ships with goods go?

You’d think this is all a bit crazy, but the question one should ask is : When does the audience for wishfull and hatefull nonsense grow so large that it can not be convinced of any alternative except the one you used to create it. When do people say “Ok, I know enough, its time for action!”. What if you have poisoned the channels of communication so much that they can no longer be reached. You have installed a mass psychosis that has become self sustaining.

Idiolarity : The point where the idiots in society can no longer be reasoned with or forced into submission

The point you may reach we can call the idiolarity, the singularity where ignorance has grown so large that the actions and momentum of the idiots makes it impossible to pull them back to a reasonable, fact based, solution oriented narrative. We are coursing towards the idiolarity by the nature of our world : It is not organized, disciplined or  cooperative, that was only an illusion that leaders worked very hard to create and maintain. Once that magic is broken and all realize their dependence, and then idiots instead of reducing it and neutralizing it start hating it, you can’t go back.

After the Idiolarity, because goals set are nonsensical and imaginary, a better world wil not emerge. The result will be suffering until enough of the idiots have destroyed themselves or are destroyed by external factors

So many of us are opportunistic and reason with a short horizon, and chaos only motivates us to be more short sighted and opportunistic. We will all participate in the direction we feel is inevitable, one we don’t want to be seen to counter for fear of punishment when things get worse. “You traitor, you where one of those lefties!”









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