The Threat of World Peace

Putin makes an attempt to break through to the public. The media in the US seems to follow a political agenda that demonizes Putin. Putin explains that US demonizing of Iran has resulted in it placing weapons systems close to Russia that can be switched from defensive to offencive (nuclear) in a heartbeat.

It is clear since the cold war started (by Donald Rumsfeld ao) that the US has part of its political system driving the perception of a russian threat to justify arming itself. This was great for the US military-industrial-complex who’s budget is still bigger than that of any other countries defense industry. The so called Neoconservatives, or Neocons still have a lot of power.

For a young person with superficial knowledge of the world it is easy to develop a sense of global politics the public will believe, but which makes no practical sense..

There have been two occasions in the 80’s that a nuclear war could have started (Russian computer glitch and a solar flare causing alarms on the US side), and before that the Cuba crisis. Since that time scientist found that the systems responsible for launching nuclear rockets are sensitive to errors, so that welding the silo’s shut would be a good measure (creating a delay in deployment allowing for detection of the false alarm). These arsenals are super dangerous even if nobody wants to use them, because they operate at a hairtrigger detection system, in which time is critical.

Russia deployed a system to scramble electronic systems in a wide area, as protection against a functioning US missle defense shield

It is not everyday that the biggest opposing superpower to the US says it considers itself in ‘Grave danger’. That means Russia is on alert because it views US actions as offensive, and wonders where that offensive strategy will end. Question remains why anyone would push Russia in this way. Why move the world to the point where some random accident can cause global thermonuclear anihilation. Its like the US has gone insane.

“We have no choice but to re-instill in our foes and friends the fear that attaches to any great power…. Only a war against Saddam Hussein will decisively restore the awe that protects American interests abroad and citizens at home”. (PNAC fail)

What are the motives of the Neocons, and have they changed over the decades? Probably not. The goal was to secure US supremacy by any means, for the next century, even if it meant nuclear war. This is the goal according to the unreliable ‘conspiracy type’ channels. It could be in light of the above statement of the Neocon think tank PNAC and its follower the FPI.

There are people that like to solve problems for humanity and those that see humanity as the problem. They say “Less people, more to share”

The idea that disciplining someone will permanently instill paralyzing awe clearly failed. That’s because there is no real audience to a impress, it is not paying attention really, it is not homogenous, it has other things to worry about. What Neocons drive is like someone at the table hitting it hard to get attention without saying anything. Useless. We read that the Neocons have influence on Hillary. Trump they could simply buy. It is a question of time when a networked ideology which has been very succesfull finds someone to act out its fantasy.

World Peace and cooperation based on a renewables powered future is a threat for those that want to ‘stay on top’

The main question is why? Why war? The main answer is influence, fossil fuel sales and fossil fuel resources. The middle east is no treasure trove of interesting products or people for the US, but it has oil and it will both consume little of it and be forced to seel when it is either fighting or recovering from a war.  All the while the region is heating up and becoming uninhabitable. Solving the problems there would lead to a solar boom and growth of wealth and control over the environment (so desert farms, tree plantations) that would put many other regions in the shadows (even though that is thinking globally).  We are close to such a peace driving development or it will be prevented by a major world war. We may be seeing the last gasps of the war mongers, while renewables, removing global resource imbalances are making people more focussed on their local industry and lives..