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Global Democracy for the USA

The US is nearing a new presidential election. With the now regularly used executive power of the POTUS office this is ever more significant. We are likely to see a choice offerd to US voters between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, one that Trump is likely to win by a tiny margin, enough to keep the Sanders camp from revolting, this mysterious 50/50 division we also saw during Bush/Gore. I as a Dutch citizen can have an opinion, I can suffer the consequences, but I can not vote. This is wrong.

How about the planet dufus

Holland has liberals at the helm, then a slavish labour that doesn’t yet understand fossil fuel based economics does not care for workers. As many times before the liberals let the labour slaves propose ideas that will harm them, while sticking to an unreasonable and dishonest pro fossil/banking policy themselves. This is how you maintain power, and as long as whoever challenges you is weak enough to be controled by thrown bones, you can keep that power.

Hunter Biden gas boss in Ukraine

How can the world control this USA that has a core of fossil fuel bankers that remain free and that can seemingly bribe, buy and sway anyone. The planet needs to deal with this domination like an alcoholic needs to deal with his addiction to survive.

Obama aknowledges that ‘foreign observers’ will have a problem with Trump. They should have a vote!

Ok, we zijn exact op dezelfde dag (eigenlijk een week later) op hetzelfde idee gekomen. Lubach laat ons lachen om onze nieuwsdiensten, maar eigenlijk is het diep triest en geeft het nog eens aan hoe wij ons leven laten bepalen door een land waarop we geen invloed hebben :

Everything that works in the US is done in Europe backed by US unlimited funds, like pushing retalin on children that are perfectly healthy. Pharmaceutical goldmine!

Why can’t people in countries that clearly feel the consequences of US policies, that are increasingly dominated by its trade, copyright and privacy rules, not vote and control the direction the country takes. How come this is not recognized as a serious case of tyranny, where even the Dutch prime minister dances to US media ideas and makes jokes at a totally insignificant correspondents dinner, where a guy named Arjen Lubach pretends not to 100% copy the Colbert Report and TV stations continuoisly sell US culture, movies, news. Where the PVV party is most likely sponsored by US groups to polarize society in an ineffective way against islam. We are drowning in US influence, and the only thing we can give back is our DJs and Doutzen Kroes.

 Not a product of a US congress approved diet!

All countries that feel the influence of the US should be able to influence who is president there, because as inside the US, outside the US not everyone agrees with the policies. Instead of being so thankfull to get an audience our prime minister should tell Obama and anyone else that it is not friendly to suggest to see all bank transactions (as H. Clinton sneakily tried to), it is not friendly to want to invade everyones privacy. It is not friendly to polarize in Ukraine, it is not friendly to desire to control what we play on the radio or who reads Anne Franks diary that wasn’t even written under US jurisdiction. It is not friendly to allow rampant corruption in a congress that will then sanction actions that not only influence the US, but all citizen of the world.


Global democracy means that if you have people that lobby or import influence to another country, that country gets influence back. Trump can not be fucking our planet up some more just because he can brainwash enough americans. This can’t happen as half the world population is about to experience water shortages unless we implement rigorous green policies that do not allow some assholes with money to keep a destructive party going. We need global democracy for a country with global reach, and we need it now more than ever before.

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