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The Roboeconomic Challenge

In discussions with people that are working hard to green our economy it is often hard to convey an insight that is fundamental to solving our current climate predicament. We’re on a dangerous course and it seems like we’re on some kind of supertanker, while we’re not. To see that it is necessary to understand how fundamentally pro-fossil fuels our economic system is. It is the supertanker we are stuck on.

So we present a challenge, it is a challenge to explain how to do things in two situations. One in which there is 100% fossil fuel energy, the other in which there is 100% renewable energy.

The challenge is simple :

A group of people wants to build a swimming pool for kids. A bank (that is kept around for this special purpose) creates 2 million Euro in credit to start the build. What happens next?

To be sure, the world in which this happens runs on renewables, only on wind, solar and storage, and these resources are utilized to their full capacity.

With two million in your hands, what would you do? What would happen? Can you describe this in one page and send it to this website so we can share it here? Our email adress is

We call it the Roboeconomic challenge because understanding the difference between our economy and the future economy (which we call the roboeconomy) is stark. It requires a new way of thinking that has nothing to do with our current economic framework. Roboeconomics hints at the bigger role of robotics, the ecological nature of our way of life and the fact that there will still be an economic system when we are running on 100% renewables, but a different one. Solving the challenge above is part of learning about this roboeconomy..





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