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All Electric Car Roundup

Below a list of all currently available electric cars. So called Battery Electric Vehicles or BEV. Click the links to get more info on them. If we are missing one please let us know here.

  1. BYD e6
  2. BMW i3
  3. BMW Brilliance Zinoro E1
  4. Bolloré Bluecar
  5. Buddy
  6. Cherry EQ
  7. Chevy Spark EV
  8. Cheverolet Bolt
  9. Fiat 500e
  10. Focus Electric
  11. JAC iREV
  12. Kia Soul
  13. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive
  14. Mitsubishi i
  15. Nissan Leaf
  16. Nissan Venucia E30
  17. Renault Twizzy
  18. Renault Fluence
  19. SIAC Roewe E50
  20. Rimac Concept One
  21. Smart Electric Drive
  22. Tesla Roadster
  23. Tesla S
  24. Tesla X
  25. Tazzari Zero
  26. Volkswagen e-Golf
  27. Volkswagen e-Up


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