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Climate Rage, Wait for It

A scene out of Soylent Green, which mentions the “Greenhouse effect, a heatwave all year long”

Update : Psychological effects of climate change

Can rising temperatures and excessive heat cause more anger, rage, and crime. Yes it can. A recent study in Nature shows this is the case, in fact, heat, cold and drought seem to have shaped history to a large extent.

 if one U.S. county is three degrees Celsius warmer for three months or one African country is 0.6 degree C warmer for a year, statistics reveal an uptick in crime, violence and revolutionary fervor.

When survival is at stake, either because fossil fuels are scarce or climate change is undermining the food supply, people get more agressive. The recent revolution in Egypt for instance was triggered by higher fuel prices.

Brain temperature, which is affected by ambient temperature, does seem to be associated with aggressive mood states and aggressive behavior.

Domestic violence also correlates with temperatures, “domestic violence usually reaches its peak during the summer months“.

“A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologyfound that aggression and violence seem to peak in hot weather.”

Heat rage during heat waves is evident.  “Dehydration affects the brain and disrupts our sleep, both of which darken our mood.”

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