A Moratorium on Renewables Opposition

The tide is outgoing for climate deniers. Fossil industry lackeys are being called out left right and center. Renewables are clearly able to produce energy as reliably as coal, gas and nuclear. The sense that fossil and nuclear are part of a dangerous diversion is growing rapidly. Soon people not wanting aggressive climate action will be deemed fools or criminals.

Say : I will not object solar, wind, geothermal or wave renewable energy installations until jan first 2050, at which time my grievances will be heard and action will be taken if agreed by majority in the relevant governmental body.

In light of the growing understanding there is a real need to keep average temperatures below 2 degrees compared to the pre industrial era, and that expanding the renewable energy capacity is needed for this, and that wind energy is the cheapest form (although solar might trump at some point), it must be clear to anyone with a rational mind that we need to pull out all the stops, release all the brakes and keep no reserves when it comes to producing renewable energy sources. True clean energy (which excludes biomass, which hides a lot of ecological destruction), has to be unleashed. At least temporarily.

Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Wave energy need to be deployed at absolute maximum speed

The opposition to wind and solar and wave energy projects is partially driven by making people aware of their impact on the horizon. How it looks. Many people are preoccupied by this over any benefit in terms of wealth and health, let alone posterity. Wind turbines are deemed ugly and an eyesore. Even though this may be true, for all intends and purposes there is no time for this kind of wrangling.

Building ten Tesla equivalent Giga-battery-factories as soon as possible is part of this race

We think it would be good to declare a global moratorium on wind opposition, because Wind is the main recipient of public opposition. The moratorium will be temporary, until about 2050, at which point it will be possible to determine the outcome of climate change for humanity. At that date we are either completely screwed or on our way to recovery.

People have put up with a lot of uglyness in the name of industrial progress, look at Bejijng even today. Make no mistake, renewable energy will bring about a revolution also because it is thousands of times more abundant, and the methods of harvesting will soon be zero cost to manufacture. This is a change for good even if millions of Koch Brother funds (now $1 billion for the next precidential candidate) lie about it. We need to take a bullet for the next generation, like the soldiers in WO I and WO II, only this time it amounts to ‘not complaining’.

That is not to say wind turbines have to be placed and accepted everywhere, it is to say that we need to keep their deployment at maximum capacity for the next 25 years. If it is in eyesight of where you live, accept it. Look the other way. It is the decent thing to do.

We think energy that is produced by a wind or solar farm should primarly serve the local population. So agressive and destructive colonialization as we see from many fossil fuel driven corporate business models are certainly undesirable. But considere that even if you don’t get money for the solar or wind capacity, the prices of things you buy will drop because the solar and wind farms will offer cheaper energy. Your health will improve, your streets and cities will be cleaner and more quiet. It has many benefits. To shut up about any estethical shortcommings is not a sacrifice. There is enough land and sea to place enough renewables to replace fossil fuels 2000 + times over. So you are likely to be spared any inconvenience, but stop any objection until 2050.






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