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"In the wake of the Copenhagen summit, there is a growing acceptance that the effort to avert serious climate change has run out of steam." Really?

It is typical that the Economist reports we have to face the fact we are not going to reduce emissions significantly. That is because it is the poster mag for the wrong conceptual framework, that of competition and innovation. The important thing to remember about that is that there must be a societal NEED for competition and innovation. They should not be driven by the financial backers needs to profit from the ‘game’ because they are WASTEFULL activities in general, especially as we have seen DEBT has been the main financing instrument. The core of economic theory is to blame for the climate problem and it is not going to help to solve it. Current economicts has forced competition through credit supplied to a market that is wasting energy without ANY benefits to its participants, its a ‘performance’ for the bankers and oil companies that want to ply their trade because it is so well respected. The ‘economy’ must die in its present form and be replaced by locally oriented communities in cooperation and without any avenue to inflate asset value, speculate or print currency. It will have to be a tight ship to avoid human extinction due to poisonous gasses emanating from the oceans, it requires strong action, redirection of resources and a common concept that we may save our race for the unexpected side effects of runaway climate change. We know we are on the right track if the tundra remains frozen, we know we are screwed if it thaws. Fuck the ECONOMIST magazine for harbouring LIARS like Bjorn Lomborg for years, for pretending the market can fix it, it CAN’T. 

No can or can’t. We have to.

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