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The Plan

The IPCC has produced rapport after rapport detailing the facts of climate change. Due to the worlds largely carbon based economics leaders have been passive and reluctant to even take the realities on board, helped by a concerted effort detailed by Naomi Oreskes, using the same doubt propaganda used for delaying the response to nuclear waste, DDT and tabacco. There is no reason to despair though, but there is a reason for a real plan. It is a shocking fact no such plan is known to the world.

As long as politics is divided on climate action,

you know it is infested with fossil fuel lakeys

The main reason for the timid attitude to climate action is twofold. First there is the belief that climate action is limited by our economic resouces. It is not because it can use renewable resources. Making a business plan for a renewable initiative however always restricts us within the boundaries of what the econmic system thinks is viable. The second reason is the ‘geoengineering’ smear, that is somehow feared. All over the world ignorant people that just want to keep their jobs and carreers are helping to demotivate anyone trying to fray the fabric of carbon dominance.

The world burned a pool of oil the size of the North Sea, yes it’s hard to reverse that!

Fear or despair are no options, because they do not allow us to respond to climate change. Thinking within our economic restraints is also no option, it would be foolish to allow banks to limit our actions, they are after all only administrators of our resources, while we allowed them to become the owners and distributors. The control of money is the biggest problem, but solving the problem of money will take to much time, which is why we propose extraeconomics. Extraeconmics is about maximizing independence and surplus, instead of effectively minimizing it as economics does. Extraeconomic plans can work in places no economic plans can work, for instance because logistics would be to costily. Extraeconomics provides a planning framework to tackle climate change using only renewable resources. This is perhaps the most important aspect of ‘The Plan’ : Independence of the world economy and financial system.

Make a plan that (after its startup) invloves no fossil fuel inputs, then it will be cheapest and most secure

Extraeconomic projects can be set up where there is enough renewable resouces to make them work. The most fit places are perhaps the deserts, especially near the coast in Africa, Texas and elsewhere. There are few people there to oppose their land being repurposed, although like multinationals they can be bribed (we don’t advocate killing as f.i. the Soy loggers of the Amazon do). Water and solar energy combined can generate hydrocarbons, which can be reduced to carbon to get the maximum effect of CO2 reduction. The oceans themselves are also giant areas where solar energy can be harnessed using deep oceanic nutrients (at about 200 meter) to grow organic materials, again capturing carbon like the forrests that created coal.

Capturing carbon means generating resources we can’t use, but we don’t need them

The fight against CO2 pollution will generate immense amounts of carbon containing compounds, for instance methane, hydrocarbons, plastics, cellulose, and all these compounds can not be used to generate wealth. Still even if we had to abandon10 times the amount of energy resources we have today we would still have more than 2240 times as much energy from renewables available to us. The task is doable, so let’s do it.

Extraeconomic principles are described here and here. The concept is that one creates regions or areas that are autonomous, that harbour a small population that sustains itself and that also runs a eco restauration or climate mitigation process. The goal is not to produce economic gain, but to survive in wealth with minimal exchange of goods and services outside the region.

Another extraeconomic pillar is that there is no patent recognition. IP is not protected, and external IP is not recognized. This is necessary to allow innovation and all available technology to be adopted. If an area is extraeconomical no external law applies, no suits can be filed for patent infringement, for the simple reason that the inventions are not used for economic gain or profit. No resource of extraeconomic origin can be monetized in the economic system. All surplus will go towards capturing CO2 or restoring eco systems.

Economics Extraeconomics
Intl law No outside legal control
Driven by banks Designed
‘Free market’ Closed system
Exploit and Forget Overproduce
Fossil fuel dependent Renewable dependent
Bank credit and debts No bank credit or debts
Goal is Profit Goal is CCS
Protected by MIC Protected by UN?
Global dependencies Local autonomy
Patents No restrictions on tech
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