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Solutions to the Permafrost Melt

We have known about the threat of permafrost CO2 and Methane release for years now. The process of rotting of biomass accumulated on the frozen planes of Russia and Alaska is destined to double or triple the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. The process of melting is a matter of time, but it can be stopped if we eliminate carbon emissions and start using renewables to capture CO2.

Unlike most economically schooled idiots that are now blindly running humanity into the ground, we see the self sustaining ability of renewables. Economists will deny the special role fossil fuel have in our economy, their controlling power through our credit system. No money, no fuel, no products, no logistics, no life. Yet it is a ‘free market’ yeah right! 

Reasoning from the economic perspective there is no solution to climate change : Using fossil fuels can’t fix it. Actions are limited to the amount of fossil fuels, which economists and most other people rather allocate so they can enjoy life better, not to fix problems for future generations.

But we don’t need fossil fuels to fix the climate problem. It is impossible, and we have solar with 5760 times the energy potential as the world currently uses. We could power 5760 more earths, households, trains, factories than we currently do and our climate would not change on iota! Could we roll back 100 years of carbon pollution with that energy? You bet!

But the tundra poses a problem that is hard to fix with solar. There is a lot of wind up North, but that probably won’t be feasible either, or take to long. We propose a simple and elegant solution to the permafrost rot that will buy us some time to get the cooling of our planet going : Radiation.

Solution 1. 

How about making sure there are no bacteria that rot in the tundra soil? Just do the same as food producers, zap the soil with radiation. Sterilizing it will make it a safe store of carbon while we figure out how to freeze it again. A process of sticking radioactive rods in the ground should be able to treat a large part of the tundra, and this process can be applied where it is needed the most first, in methane seaps.

Solution 2.

Albedo is the reflectiveness of the earths surface. Increasing it means there is less energy absorbed. Water absorbs infra red, hot light, very well, which is why the Arctic ocean heats up so fast now that the ice is gone. Albedo can be achieved by covering the ground with a sheet of white material. This is a huge task, and we think it would be more effective and easier to achieve in the ocean instead of on land. But it is one that if you find a solution you can build and deploy using renewables you have a solution that stops warming in its tracks.

Solution 3.

Wind cooling. Wind can be used to pump heat out of the ground. So the permafrost can be retianed by building a series of windturbines, many of them to freeze the ground bottom up. Again this is a monster operation, but we need these to turn the tide.

With all of these solutions you can easily see it’s much more effective to remove pro fossil fuel politicians from our governments and install 100% renewables ASAP people instead. Then the task is still huge.. 

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