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Natural Selection

We hear a lot about adapting to climate change. It is necessary to retain order and ability to act to adapt to whatever our disturbed climate now throws at us. But it is a mistake to think that will be enough. It is a mistake to think we will adapt our way through the whole episode. That is fossil interest propaganda.

Plants and animals can’t keep up with the changes, they can’t evolve quickly enough or migrate quickly enough to survive. In our oceans the changes are clear, we see just jellyfish in some regions, and lobsters. People that cheer the cheap and abundant lobster show their obvious lack of intelligence. Optimism is deadly, it is a way to create dumb consumers, good for the fossil fuel driven economy.

We are in the Sixt Extinction according to some

As a result we see widespread extinction of species of animals and plants, even without the most devestating of effects of climate change : the ultimate release of toxic gasses from our oceans. hydrogen sulfide is produced by starving oceans. It’s produced by microorganisms that colour the water purple. Some lakes have H2S, and one breath of the gas kills you. It is a gas from our planets pre oxygenated era, from when it had little to no oxygen in its atmosphere, but mostely methane and CO2. Our planet will switch to that mode as a result or climate change as it has done before. We can’t survive that, only the smallest of creatures and cold blooded animals may, if they live underground, like our far ancestors at the end of the Permian era. 

We are going extinct according to our research 

If we want to adapt, and take life forms with us, we need to help them adapt. This is where the word adapt starts to ring false. Plants and animals don’t adapt, their genes don’t change as a result of their will or experience. That is a view called Lamarkism and it has been proven wrong. Plants and animals are opportunists, they live if they can manage to, and die if they can’t.

Unbelievable douchebag 

The evolutionary process started billions of years ago involved the existence of organisms in a hostile environment. But for reasons of chemical and physical nature organisms existed that could replicate and not be destroyed. When the environment changed this created opportunities for some species and spelled disaster for others. The change we now see creates opportunity for anoxic organisms, and diseaster for us, opportunity for  jellyfish, disaster for all other fish..

So in order to make species ‘adapt’, we need to make them more diverse. Variety of plants will mean some will see opportunity in the changes, while others will cease to exist. We need to ensure variety, and for that we need to ensure abundance of species. Because plants are fundamental to our survival and easier to control we should focus on creating the most abundant variety of plants wherever they will grow. Monocultures like Monsanto are actually a serious risk. 

The way forward :

Eventually this won’t help, but it will be essential for our survival until we perish or live underground to take the plant variety to the maximum. There is real hope in the sense that we have the means of creating much more land than we currently use under the fossil fuel supply limitations. Once we learn we should try to do things only with renewables, and find that renewable energy is super abundant we will be able to make much more land fertile than we see today. 

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