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Creating an Evolutionary Dead End

Climate change is a major challenge to life on Earth. We are dealing with more CO2, less O2 in a positive feedback loop due to higher temperatures, forest fires and the dying oceans. This has happened before and has caused major extinctions. The reason we are around is because some species survived. They where adapted to the changing environment and created offspring.

EU proposed to make standard seeds mandatory 

Evolution as Charles Darwin presented it is not survival of the fittest, as many believe, but survival of the just good enough. The process hinges on variety in species so that a changing situation creates an opportunity for some of the population, even if others, or the majority can’t deal with it.

Evolution is a proces of survival of those species that can cope with their environment, not necessarily the optimal or strongest

The EU is now preparing to make use of certain seeds mandatory, standardized seeds. This means lots of legacy seeds will disappear and the plants we really need will have next to no variety. It also means seeds become money, because these will of course be patented modified seeds, which are ‘better’ than other seeds. 

Variety in species is the best way for life to deal with changes in the environment 

We should be weary overharvesting.

This strategy which is only motivated by economical motives, by desire to control and own, is the biggest diseaster for our environment and our chances of suvival on Earth. This risk taking behaviour has never a problem for the industry ingeneral as it has driven fossil fuel use for a century in which the effects where well known, and sigarets, and DDT, and nuclear power. Danger means you become dependent on them. The main concern is power and control excerted by a few.

Allowing the motivation of control to force us into an evolutionary niche is a mistake

We need not less variety in seeds, but more. The maximum, so the plants can adapt. Life on Earth lost the battle during the Permian extinction and then it had thousands of years to find a ‘solution’. We now give it a couple of hundreds of years. Better not mess it up for ourselves.. 

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