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The Future Future, or how “The Meak Will Inherit The Earth”

Think big and you’ll burst out of the box.. 

Futures markets are a common phenomena, originating in the need for farmers to finance planting of crops, by selling yields before they happen. The paper dollar actually came about in the shape of a silver ‘future’, a promissary note for real silver to keep the Boston soldiers quiet that returned from raiding the french in Canada empty handed. Futures and promissary notes are great ways to increase liquidity now, without having to arrange much, especially when the promise can be adjusted along the way, like with pensions.

The response to climate change needs financing that has an interest in it’s succes.  

But imagine a future future, a future that gave right to a piece of our future. We can see a financial collapse of at least dire poverty clearly on the horizon for billions if we keep dancing to the tune of our banks and economically brainwashed governments. We need something to provide a firm ground under the renewable powered future if we want to even have a chance to pull through global warmings effects.

Derivative futures 

Put your money on a different game 

Stepping over all the obstacles now thrown up by all those invested in, dependent on and indifferent to the destructive power of fossil fuels we need a way to separate our behaviour, our actions from the current flow of activities. The only way to do that is to use another currency and another source of credit. Simply put, we need a means of financing our actions. Of course we can’t ‘finance’ anything if we don’t have access at least to some fossil fuels, the fuel is what makes credit work after all. Why borrow money if you can’t make things happen with it. Engines must run, machines must turn, initially using fossil fuels, but as soon as possible using renewable power. A renewable powered factory of renewable energy sources is the benchmark breakthrough for the future (so called) Roboeconomy, in other words, the world free from fossil fuel dominance.

Buy your acres now! 

We propose the following scheme. We Sell the future’s Earth surface in 20 year future contracts. Each acre on the world map can be sold, just buy it from us. The contract will give the owner right to everything on that acre from 2033 onwards, but prohibits fossil fuel exploration. The sale of the futures is to generate as much renewable energy sources as soon as possible, to build them using renewables as soon as possible and to restore the ecosystem as agressively as possible. The oceans are off limits to all, but the Earth land surface has about 36,803,875,446 Acres. The mechanism is to sell the futures to the highest bidder. This will create an authority to enforce the right being sold as well as deploy the activities necessary to ensure there is a future to sell! 

Do you want to own the Eiffel tower? Reconquer the Earth!

The future will be swappeable but not sellable, so as to not enable any leveraging or secondary (fossil fuel credit driven) market. As there are less people on Earth than there are contracts ownership by one person will be maximized to 7 acres. All unsold acres will be owned by the administration until it will be evenly and randomly divided over all no land owners in 2043. Those that make this scheme work in the interest of their own future "will inherit the earth" so to say. Any place is for sale irrespective of it’s present owner, irrespective of other contracts. They will not matter if the scheme works. The process is not complicated, it has an input and an output:

  • Create a database to contain the four corners of each acre sold as a future. The deed will be akin to a land patent.
  • The resources or income will be allocated according to a master plan for fighting climate change and restoring the eco system. It’s goals are simple : replace fossil and restore CO2 to 300 ppm or so it was before the industrial revolution.
  • The sale continues until 2043, then the remainder will be devided randomly and evenly. Swaps are allowed.
  • Renewable and ecorestauration projects can offer themselves for consideration.

We invite any buyer to come forward by emailing us at funds will be used as described and to establish the futures administration and a global headoffice in Amsterdam. Surprised or stunned by this crazy scheme? Well, this is how banks work all the time. They buy stuff they have no right to by selling stuff they don’t own (ususally because it doesn’t exist). They call it the bubble economy. So get with this program!

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