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For anyone with the ambition to rationally motivate others to act on climate change desperation has to be setting in. As Di Caprio’s character says in ‘Catch me if you can’: People only know what you tell them. If you tell them its not a problem, they say "Ok" and go on living. If you say the situation is desperate, they say "Ok" and still go on living. If you say "If you don’t act now things will get much worse", they say "Ok" once again, hoping someone will do something and tell them some day what it is they should do to ‘act now’.

If the public is not the audience, but ‘leadership’ is, then the situation is again hopeless. There is no leader that is not managing budgets, following economic rules, and those rules imply the use of fossil fuels. They imply using money as a means of allocating energy to producers, to mines, factories, trucks, stores so ‘the economy’ works. First of all it’s all short termism, second of all, everyone is captured by debt, the need to roll over loans, captured by the carbon credit economy.

The scientific community is irrelevant.This small fraction of the world population really doesn’t matter, except when their solutions would be implemented. We all know how impossible that has been proven to be, you can’t make fertilizer with wind, you can’t run a car on ammonia, you can’t build cheap vanadium flow batteries, you can’t produce an Aptera, you can’t do so many things that would reduce the need for fossil fuels. Why? Just a fossil fuel sales reflex, the Koch Brothers doing their job.  

So what is the IPCC for? What is knowledge for if you don’t use it. It seems to be a parking space for climate ambitious people, like the COP meetings, where those coming out will say "We had a good debate, both sides had their say". Truely, right now, WHO GIVES A FUCK?

There’s even politicians that dare to say "See, IPCC shows it’s not that bad" or "Good news, 2 degrees is manageable!". Don’t need to mention we are no where near bending the curve, the only thing reducing emissions is lower fossil fuel output.Economics ensures that all fossil fuels in the market get sold and burned. And all biomass without heavy protection is next.

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